Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing in 2010!

We got home from Daddy's championship game around 7:30pm. Nana, Poppy, G.G., Nina Nina Dia, Uncle Paul and Grandpa came over to eat pizza, watch the recorded UofA basketball game from tonight, play, and ring in the new year. The pizza was good, but the UofA game was not so good. I had fun having everyone play with me and all my fun toys. Poppy and I built a big semi truck out of my mega bloks. I stayed wide awake to ring in the new year. Our neighbors were having a party and had a great fireworks show at midnight. We all went outside to watch from our backyard. Uncle Paul and I stayed out longer on the back porch to see fireworks going off around the city. I wanted there to be more when it was over. I also pointed out the blue moon in the sky:). When everyone left I fell fast asleep! Can't wait to see what adventures I will have in 2010! Happy New Year everyone and enjoy the photos from tonight!
I stood close to the tree and asked Mommy to take my picture :)

Helping Poppy build a semi truck
Cheers! I love to do cheers with everyone's glass and my sippy cup! I was just about to tap Mommy's cup in this picture.

Drinking juice out of my cup that has an ice cube that lights up(it didn't come out in the photo)

Mommy took a picture of the ice cube out of the cup for you to see. Nana brought these over and everyone had red and blue flashing ice cubes in their drinks. I thought they were cool!

Rocking in the new year with my Grandpa! This was about 5 minutes before midnight.

Oh my, 2009 is almost over!

Mmmm...Grapes! This is a Spanish tradition that Mommy's family has adopted from Nana's best friend, Elisa. In Spain when the clock strikes midnight the people eat 12 grapes. One grape for every stroke of the clock to represent each month in the year. Each grape is said to bring good luck in the new year. I ate a few grapes to join in the fun!

Mouth full of grapes

Eating grapes and watching the ball drop on t.v.

Pointing at all the crazy people having fun on t.v.

Mommy tried to capture the fireworks, but didn't have very much luck. They were two houses away from us!

The second full moon in the same month means it's a blue moon! Can you tell my Mommy is a science teacher?

Cheers for Daddy and his team!

Daddy's team played in the Northwest Desert Classic tournament this week. They played and won 5 games in four days! They won the tournament and had two players named to the all tournament team, with one being named MVP of the tournament. Mommy and I are so proud of Daddy and all of his players. The games were played at Mountain View High School. That is on the other side of the city for us so we had long road trips each day. Some of Daddy's games were at 8:40 at night. I would take a power nap on the way to the games and then wake up and cheer Daddy on. I have fun when I go to the games. Daddy's fans all make over me and treat me like one of their own. I go through people's purses, move from person to person, and love any chance I have to be out on the court. No matter what time the games are, I am always in a good mood and ready to watch Daddy's team. Enjoy the photos from the last four days! Way to go Daddy!

Going through Maggie's purse (note: Mommy should never let me wear off white fleece pants to a ballgame)

Trying to listen to Maggie's ipod

Only Mommy could love my crazy hair!

Seeing what Poppy and Uncle Paul are eating for snacks

Snacks and juice...never leave home without them.

Little miss independent sitting at the top of the bleachers by herself with her snacks and juice of course!

Happy as can be!

Allison even came to support her Uncle Ben's team. Melanie loved holding her during the game.

On Wednesday, Mommy, Nina Nina Dia, Grandpa, and Uncle Paul went to the Northwest side of town early to eat dinner and watch the UofA play in the Holiday Bowl before Daddy''s late game. It's a good thing Daddy had a game because there was nothing to cheer about in the UofA game.

Being silly in the stands

Dancing like a chicken to the music

Ready to throw the ball during halftime

I am ready to pass the ball Mommy
Taking a break in Daddy's chair to see what it's like to be the coach

Daddy, Me, and the Championship Plaque

Mommy and I are so proud of Daddy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A penny saved is a penny earned

This is a saying that Mommy and Daddy were taught from the time they were little. I love to put money in my piggy bank! Mommy and Daddy have a tall glass cylinder with change in it and I love to take the lid off and grab coins out of it. I then move my hand up and down to signal that I want to put the coins in my piggy bank. This has been part of my daily routine for awhile now. It seems that I am often putting quarters or bills in my piggy bank. Mommy and Daddy noticed that my piggy bank was full and couldn't accept any more money. Thus, we decided to go to the bank to deposit it into my account. When Mommy took her piggy bank the first time, she cried when the teller gave her the bank back empty. I loved going to the bank. Daddy and I dumped my money into a coin counter and I liked watching the money move in the machine. I was proud to take my receipt to the teller and have her deposit all of it into my account. My little piggy bank held much more than we imagined. The bank ladies also gave me a little gift of candy and stuffed animals while I was waiting for my money to be counted. As soon as we got home, Mommy and Daddy had some change and I immediately signaled to put it in my bank. I am already saving for the next trip to the bank! Enjoy the photos from our trip to the bank.
Daddy and I right before dumping the money out.
Pressing the start button so the machine would start counting my money
Watching the money going into the machine

Back home saving more money right away!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A big helper on a busy day

Mommy and Daddy woke up this morning thinking it was a great day to work on getting rid of boxes, putting toys together, and figuring out how to start getting the house back to normal. Mommy and Daddy had three new appliances to install today. Nana and Poppy came over to help and I of course helped too. Poppy and Daddy worked on putting in the new dishwasher. Nana and Mommy took down one of our Christmas trees to make room for furniture that had to be moved to put my new toy box and other toys in a place other than the middle of the living room. Nana and Poppy brought us dinner and later in the evening, Daddy, Uncle Paul, Grandpa, and Poppy helped put Mommy and Daddy's new t.v. in their bedroom. We had a birthday cake for Uncle Paul as yesterday was his 40th birthday! Remember we surprised him with a party back in October. What a busy and productive day. Mommy and Daddy are happy with all their new appliances and the feeling that the house is starting to get a normal feel again. Enjoy the photos from today.

If I take out all 200 Mega Bloks that will help get things back to normal.

Taking a break to play on my new sit and spin

This is so much fun, you should try it too!

Showing Mommy that her new dishwasher is being worked on

Checking to see how tall the dishwasher is after Mommy asked the question if it was going to fit under the counter with any problems.

These two wrenches should help get the job done

Wearing my new crocs from Nana and Poppy and happy to be walking outside in the yard

One of my new favorite pastimes is to look over the wall from one room to the next. Can you see me?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with the Centos

For 37 years, my Nana and Poppy have celebrated Christmas with their best friends on the 26th of December. It is a tradition that we all love. Now that all of us kids are married and have kids, it makes the tradition even more fun. After my nap today, Mommy and Daddy told me we were going to celebrate Christmas again at Nana and Poppy's. I was excited. Daddy dressed my in a Christmas dress and I put my tights on by myself. I had fun playing with Robert, Rylee, and Allison. Rylee and I are only about a month apart in age. Mommy and Daddy had a graduation party to go to so they left for a little while, but I didn't care because I was having a blast playing. A big thanks to Melisa for my new helmet and bell for my tricycle. I can't wait to ride my tricycle when the weather is nice. Enjoy the photos from another fun evening!
Daddy and Me

I wanted to play Robert's game soooooo bad

All of the big kids and little kids. In the front from l-r is Robert and Rylee and John. In the back is Melisa, Allison and Uncle Kenny, and Me and Mommy.

Having fun playing with Robert

Robert liked trying to carry me

Dancing with Rylee

Reading an Elmo book with Rylee

Mommy and Melisa

Little Mommy Caitlin

I woke up this morning a little tired from all the excitement yesterday. I spent most of the day enjoying my new toys and playing with them. Mommy caught me taking good care of my baby doll and had to snap some pictures. I love my high chair, bassinet, and stroller that G.G. gave me for my babies. Enjoy the pictures of me being a good mommy.
Feeding my baby

Her head was cold so I put her hat on her and then gave her the bottle

I checked the bottle to make sure what I was giving the baby tasted alright. I ate my raisins(notice my left hand) while feeding my baby.