Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My big blue toy tub

Mommy and Daddy decided a few weeks ago that I needed a bigger container for all my fun toys that I play with on a daily basis. I love the big, blue tub that they picked out! Tonight, Uncle Paul decided to put me in it and I thought it was great! I had fun pulling my toys out of the tub while I was still in it. I would also bend down so you could barely see me so I could play "Where's Caitlin?" Thanks for showing me something fun today Uncle Paul! Mommy and Daddy love the simple things that seem to amuse me!

Cheering on the Cats

I went to the UA basketball game today with my Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Paul! We had so much fun! We sat in the same row as Miss Amy's parents. My Nana and Poppy were at the game too. As soon as Nana spotted us inside McKale, she came and took me for the first half of the game. I had fun meeting Nana's friends and cheering with my Poppy. I also like watching the cheerleaders. I slept on my Mommy for most of the second half of the game. I would occasionally wake up from the noise of the student section. More basketball, I love it!
Riding on Daddy's shoulders to the game

What a great day to ride on Daddy's shoulders

Mommy, Daddy, and Me at the game

Friday, January 30, 2009

Having fun at Daddy's games

My Daddy is my favorite basketball coach and I love going to his games. I love to point at the basketball and say, "ooh ooh." In fact, if there is a basketball game on t.v., I start to make the same sounds and point too! I always have fun at my Daddy's games as I get to play with so many people. My Daddy's team has 2-3 games per week and I attend all of them, except for far away games like Rio Rico or Douglas. My Daddy's team is tied for first in their region and is currently ranked third in the state in power points. I am so proud of my Daddy! Below are some pictures from this week's games.

Helping Daddy's principal fill out the official score book before the game!

Ms. Harris always lets me play with her radio:)

My cousin Gracey was visiting from Phoenix and we got to play a little! Last time I saw her she was only six weeks old, but now she is 3 months!

Playing with Gracey

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Standing tall

Everyday I try to stand and walk more and more on my own. Today Mommy put me down and I stayed standing all by myself for about 10 seconds before I sat down. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of what a big girl I am becoming. It won't be long before I am standing for longer periods and walking by myself!

Lunchtime fun!

After a walk with Mommy and being introduced to golfing, I went to lunch at Oregano's with Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Paul. I was a little tired, but I perked right up when the waitress brought me some pizza dough to play with. I loved trying to put it in my mouth and pull it apart. Mommy and Daddy tried to teach me how to roll it, but I would just pat it and then pull it apart some more. Playing with pizza dough is so much fun and really helps keep me occupied! Mommy and Daddy will definitely take me back there again! Once the pizza dough got sticky, Mommy and Daddy took the dough away. I really didn't mind as I slept on Daddy during the rest of our lunch and continued my nap for 2 and hald more hours once we got home!

Future golfer

This morning after I ate breakfast, Mommy and I walked around Reid Park while Daddy and Uncle Paul went to the driving range. When we were done walking, Mommy and I went to watch Daddy and Uncle Paul. I loved watching the golf clubs swing back and forth. Daddy even introduced me to holding the club for the first time. The club was bigger than me, but I know they make clubs for my size. Mommy and Daddy hope that I take up golf. I think I am definitely going to like playing golf, especially since my Daddy plays!

Uncle Paul and me at the driving range

Daddy teaching me how to hold the club

Saturday, January 24, 2009

If I only took a ..............

...nap! I didn't take an afternoon nap today and boy was it easy to tell. I almost fell asleep on my high chair while eating dinner. There were some moments when I would put food in my mouth with my eyes closed. I wasn't too tired to pose for a cute picture for Daddy though. Mommy and Daddy did all they could to keep me awake, but I still ended up taking a quick nap after dinner. This of course meant that I didn't go to sleep at my normal bedtime either.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My 1st inauguration

I am only 10 months old and am already on my second President! Today I watched the inauguration at my Nina Nina Dia's house. I paid close attention to the T.V. and didn't move around that much while watching the festivities. Instead of attending the balls at night, I went to watch my Daddy's team and cheer them on to another victory! Today was a historical day and I will always be told that I was so young when it happened.

Watching the inauguration

Sitting in the stands to watch Daddy's team

Monday, January 19, 2009

10 Months old!

I am 10 months old today! I have grown so fast that Mommy and Daddy wonder where their little baby is. I am a little taller than the average 10 month old, so Mommy and Daddy often get asked if I am a year old or more. Mommy and Daddy are trying to cherish my baby days as they are passing by way too fast!

At 10 months old, there are so many things that I LOVE to do. I love to crawl as fast as I can to explore everything! I even try to explore where I shouldn't; behind the couch, behind the rocker, etc. I like walking if someone will hold my hands. I also love being able to move from one toy to another taking a few steps on my own. Whenever I make this accomplishment, I always turn and look around the room to make sure someone has seen me do it. I love when people clap their hands when I do something fun! I love to bounce up and down to music, especially Nana's cell phone tunes:). I am getting better at clapping and cheering when I see others doing it. This helps me cheer my Daddy's team on to victory. I go to 2-3 basketball games a week and I never fuss about it! I like waving hello and goodbye. I have definitely found my voice! I talk non stop these days. If I see my Nina Nina Dia's dog, Chelli, or any picture of a dog, I immediately say, "aah, aah." Mommy and Daddy think I am trying to imitate the "aarf, aarf" sounds from the doggies barking. It is so cute that Mommy and Daddy point out pictures of doggies on purpose to hear me make these sounds. I like to say, "mama, dada, gaga, baba, and fafa." I am starting to say mama when mama is in the room. I haven't mastered saying dada at my Daddy yet, but I definitely let you know when he is in the room because I smile really big and want to be in his arms! I sometimes say gaga when Cookie Monster is on the t.v., but Mommy and Daddy think that might be a coincidence. I love to point at objects. Mommy and Daddy think I am a baby E.T. I like being Mommy's little helper. I can take off my shirt all by myself and I love crawling into the bathroom and standing next to Mommy to help get my bath ready. I love books. I like to be read to and help turn the pages. The list of things I love could do is very long, but I think I gave you an idea. Most of all, I am a very happy baby, which makes Mommy and Daddy know they are blessed! Below are pictures from today and two short video clips of me playing with some of my favorite toys!
10 Months old - notice my shirt says, "I'm a Hurley Girl"

Standing to help Mommy get my bath ready

I love riding on my train. Notice how I bob up and down to the sounds.

My ball popper machine is the best! I love to watch the balls fly out and I like to help Mommy and Daddy put them back

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poppy's Pancakes

I spent the night at Nana and Poppy's last night while Mommy and Daddy went out for some fun after GG's birthday celebration. When I woke up this morning, Poppy made me yummy pancakes. I loved them as you will see from my photos. While eating them, I was talking non-stop to Poppy and Nana. They tried to video me, but I of course didn't talk as much once I knew I was being recorded. Mommy put it on here anyway so you can get a little glimpse of how happy a baby I am, especially in the morning or when eating pancakes! I'll stay at Nana and Poppy's anytime if I know there is going to be pancakes. Thanks Poppy for the yummy breakfast!

Happy 88th Birthday GG!

A very special Happy Birthday to my GG who turns 88 today! We had fun last night celebrating her birthday. We went to dinner and then went to my Nana and Poppy's house. I had fun playing cards with Mommy, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Stacie, and GG. When everyone left, I showed my Grandpas, my GG, and my Nana how to play cards:). I hope my GG has a great day! Check out the fun pictures below!
GG looks great at 88! She even wore a balloon hat at dinner!

The balloon man made me an Elmo hat:)

GG and Me (don't our expressions looks similar?)

Uncle Kenny taught me how to throw cards on the floor

Playing cards with GG, Grandpa, and Poppy

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wagon rides at Nina Nina Dia's

Today I went to visit my Nina Nina and Nina Nina Dia. I had so much fun playing with them and their dogs(four of them). Nina Nina Dia took me outside for a ride in the wagon and the doggies rode with me too. The weather has been nice and warm lately so I love going outside. The dogs and I had a blast. Nina Nina Dia's wagon is almost like mine, but usually it holds gardening stuff instead of babies:). I love riding in wagons and having doggies with me makes it extra fun!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My new ride

I am growing so big that it is time for a new carseat! Yippee! Today Mommy had it installed and I love my new ride. I like how I can see so much more of my surroundings. Mommy and Daddy are so glad that I like it since I didn't care too much for carseats when I was a little bit younger. I take naps in this carseat as easily as my old one. I can be in this carseat until I am 65 punds, so Mommy and Daddy told me that I would be riding in it for years to come!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sitting like a big girl

I love to sit like a big girl these days. I love my wooden chair that my Nina Nina gave me for Christmas. It has pretty pictures painted on it that I like to point to and say, "ooh ooh." I also love to sit on it and watch Elmo on Sesame Street. I am careful when I get off of it as I reach for someone's hand to hold onto so I don't fall. The chair has rounded off corners so I can't get too hurt, but I still have managed to get a few "owies" from it. No matter how hard Mommy and Daddy might try to hide the chair, I will crawl and find it. I also like to crawl to my little park bench that my Grandma Edie gave me. The bench is usually where Pooh bear, Eeyore, and Tigger sit, but lately I like to take one of the animals off and try to sit where they are sitting. You will see in the photos below how much I like sitting like a big girl.
Sitting in my pajamas on my favorite chair

Poor Eeyore, first he loses his tail and now his seat:)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


It's been a week since Mommy has updated my blog. Mommy and Daddy went back to work on Monday. I didn't mind because I got to play with Nana all day and always have a blast! I have spent the last week playing and simply having fun. I did go to three of Daddy's ballgames and his team won all three games. Mommy and I are so proud! I am also eating a lot better these days. I love my Yobaby yogurt and I am starting to love any food that I can feed myself. I have decided to babble a lot more. I like to sing and talk when I am riding in the car. I love to hear my voice. Mommy and Daddy thinks it's cute. Another thing I like to do, is grab one of my basketballs with my mouth and crawl around like a little puppy. I can do so many things with the ball in my mouth and my hands free. Mommy included a few pictures below showing off my ability to multi-task. A short video shows how I get the ball in my mouth.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Corinna's birthday party!

Today we went to Corinna's Grammy and Poppy's house to celebrate her 1st birthday! I had a lot of fun. There were other little kids there, but I was the youngest. Everyone could walk, but me. It won't be too long though and I will be walking just like them. We all had fun playing. It was fun to see Corinna open up her presents. She got a shopping cart which was a hit with all the kids. Mommy and Daddy even let me taste a little bit of their cupcake. I seemed to like the taste. I can't wait until my 1st birthday!
Practicing standing and walking with Daddy at the party

The birthday princess, Corinna!

Mommies and their kids!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Gary!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Gary! We hope you had fun celebrating at your cabin! We hope to see you again soon! I need an updated picture with you:).

Ball of fun!

This morning we walked around Reid Park. Afterwards we did a little shopping and then came home to play. I love all of my new toys! One toy I like to play with is a basketball. It makes Daddy very proud. Sometimes I like to bite it and then crawl with it in my mouth like a puppy. It makes Mommy and Daddy laugh. Today, Mommy and Daddy were tossing the ball and I just started to laugh so cute that Daddy had to capture it on video. We hope you enjoy my laughter as much as we do!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009! I went to sleep while Mommy and Daddy rang in the new year at home. Our neighbors had fireworks and I even slept through all the noise. I woke up around 2:45am, but quickly went back to sleep. New Year's day, Mommy and Daddy were busy taking down our Christmas decorations so I went with Nana to visit Nina Nina Dia and Nina Nina. Thanks to Nana's help, Mommy and Daddy were able to get our house back to normal. When I came back home I made ooh, ooh noises as I looked for the Christmas trees. We had New Year's dinner at Nana and Poppy's. We can't wait to see what this year has in store!

Playing with Mommy