Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monkey twins!

When Allison and I woke up from our naps today, Mommy was already home. Allison was going to a volleyball game and I was going to class. Mommy decided we both needed our hair done before we could go. After I saw Mommy put Allison's hair in pigtails I of course wanted the same. We were wearing matching outfits today and with our matching hairdos we look like twins:). Mommy thinks her girls are the cutest!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tricycle training

I love riding my tricycle and the weather is cooling off a little which means I'll be riding it much more. Today when Mommy came home I wanted to ride my tricycle and then I wanted to teach Allison! Allison had fun sitting on the trike while I stood on the back and Mommy pushed us. Nana was our photographer for our training session. I can't wait for Allison to get a little bigger and then we can go on tricycle rides together!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Afternoon fun with a dog, cat, and turtle

After church today, we went to my Nino Joe and Nina Karen's house so Mommy and Daddy could help them reupholster their dining room chairs. I had a blast playing with my Nino's animals while Mommy and Daddy worked. I first focused on Buster, the dog. All I wanted to do was chase him, hold him, and pet him. I held him a little too much as you will see in one of the photos, which made Buster want to go upstairs and take a nap:). Next, I tried playing with the cat, Squeakers, but she didn't want to come out from under the bed. This bed is in the spare bedroom which I just happen to name as MY bedroom today. I laid on the floor, lifted up the bed skirt and said, "Come on out cat! Come and play with me." Squeakers answered with a couple of "meows." Squeakers did come out for a brief moment, but after she had heard that I tired Buster out, she decided to stay under the bed most of the time. Outside on my Nino's porch is where I had fun with their turtle, Tortuga. I liked petting him and feeding him lettuce. Pretty soon Tortuga will burrow under ground until next Summer. I love animals and had a blast with my Nino's pets today. Nino Joe also made us his scrumptious Shrimp Scampi for dinner along with cookies and ice cream for dessert. When we drove home, I fell asleep within seconds. What a fun day! My Ninos have new chairs and I got to have fun playing with my Ninos and their pets! I can't wait to go over there again and play some more. Enjoy the photos!

Giving Buster a big hug

Petting Tortuga

"Look at the turtle eating"

Getting close to feed Tortuga

"Just eat one piece at a time turtle"

Waving at Tortuga from inside

"Yay, the chairs are done and it's time for Nino's yummy pasta!"

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bear Down Arizona!

Today was our 3rd home football game in a row which means another tailgate party! I love tailgate parties. Mommy took her camera to today's tailgate, but didn't take many pictures. I had fun running around the tailgate area, playing games, eating Eegee's, and dancing to the band. I love singing Bear Down Arizona. I have my own version though which is a little shorter than the actual song. The other night I called Nana on the phone and sang it to her. Mommy happened to catch it all on video and has posted it for you today. Enjoy the video, feel free to sing along, and remember to BEAR DOWN!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Balloon Glow

While Mommy played Bunco tonight, Daddy, Uncle Paul, Grandpa, Uncle Kenny, Allison, and I went to the Balloon Glow at the UofA mall. Mommy was bummed to miss out on the fun. Allison and I had a blast running around and seeing the big balloons light up. A big gust of wind even blew one of the balloons over. When Mommy came home from playing Bunco, I was still awake and told her all about our fun night. I showed Mommy the fun we had by looking at the pictures we took. Allison and I had fun hanging out with just the men tonight! Enjoy the photos from balloon glow!
Here's my cheeeeessssy smile:)

And here is my cheeeessssy smile again with Uncle Paul

The balloons look so pretty at night

Riding on Daddy's shoulders is always fun

Allison and I held hands while running around

Cutie pie cousins having fun

I love to run!

The girls and their Daddies!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Plan B for a T.V.

This morning while Allison and I were watching Handy Manny, the T.V. screen turned black and made some funny noises. I asked Nana what happened. Mommy came home and determined that our T.V. needed a new bulb. Nana was happy to report that Allison and I had nothing to do with the T.V. not working. Mommy and Daddy ordered a new bulb and it should be here sometime next week. Until then, we have a back up plan with our T.V. in the fireplace room. Below you will see that Allison and I have adjusted just fine to our new play room for now.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just another Monday fun day!

I love Mondays because that means Allison and Nana are here to play with all day! My Nina Nina was here today too! Allison and I had a great day! It started with a yummy breakfast and playing hair salon with Mommy doing our hair in pigtails. Allison gives her Mommy a hard time to do her hair, but gave "Aunt Padi" no trouble at all. Of course, making Mommy smile:). Allison and I play monkey see, monkey do all day long. I copy Allison and then Allison copies me. When Mommy got home from work today, we made cookies with her. We cheated and used frozen cookie dough, but the cookies turned out delicious and Aunt Stacie and Daddy liked our cookie surprise when they got home. Nothing beats spending the day with Allison and Nana!
Best friends having fun in my room!

"Look at me Mommy!"

Taking time to relax and read

If Allison is reading, I will read too

My turn to relax and read

Just being cute!

Allison loves climbing on my bed

Helping Mommy make cookies. I counted the cookies as we placed them on the cookie sheet.

Allison helped make cookies too!

"The cookies are ready!" Notice my apron and my hot pad

I got as close as Mommy would let me so I could check the cookies out

Sunday, September 19, 2010

You know I'm 2 1/2 because..................

2 1/2 years ago today, I was born! Mommy and Daddy can't believe how fast the time has gone by. Mommy and Daddy know they have a 2 1/2 year old because....................
- Mommy finds my toys at the bottom of her purse when she is looking for her phone
- Mommy and Daddy go to work with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song in their heads
- Daddy has names for his tools just like Handy Manny
- I read books to Mommy and Daddy at bedtime
- I'm becoming Little Miss Independent
- There is no shelf that is too high for me to climb
- I've become Mommy and Daddy's little human alarm clock
- I choose what I want for my meals
- I ask questions non-stop
- I know that time-out isn't a fun game
- My vocabulary grows exponentially each day
- I tell Mommy how to do my hair
- I am full of energy from the moment I wake up until bedtime
- "I Can Do it Myself" is my motto and the title of one of my favorite books

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the little girl that I am, even though I like to try and push their buttons! When Mommy took me for my check up, the doctor said I was awesome! I stood on the big kid scale and stood against the wall to be measured like the big kids do. I barely even cried when given a shot! Mommy is so proud of me! My 30 month, big girl stats are:
height: 34 1/2 in. (25-50%)
weight: 29 lbs. 8 oz (50%)

Enjoy the photos of me at my check up appointment!
Standing on the scale like a big girl

I wasn't too sure about what the nurse was pushing down on my head

Once the nurse said she got my height, I was ready to run :)

Grandma Edie's Birthday Dinner

We celebrated Grandma's birthday with dinner at Texas Roadhouse! I had fun saying, "yeehaw" which is what the employees yell instead of Happy Birthday! We hope you had a Happy Birthday Grandma and we wish you a fantastic year!
Grandma and Me

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Tailgate Party....Woohoo!

I love it when Mommy and Daddy tell me that after I take my nap we will go to the tailgate party. I quickly get in bed and sleep so that I can go to the party. As soon as I wake up, I run to Mommy and tell her I'm ready for the party. Today Mommy tried to dress me in a cool outfit because it was so hot outside. When we arrived at the tailgate, I quickly got out of my wagon and walked around like a pro. I danced to the music and started munching on some yummy snacks. The tailgate party gets even more fun when Allison shows up! We have a blast together. Today's tailgate party tired me out and I told Mommy that I was tired and ready to go home. I didn't fall asleep on the ride home, but I put myself in my bed soon after we got home. I love Arizona football parties!
Enjoying yummy grapes at the tailgate party

Mommy, Allison, Aunt Stacie, and Me

I was telling Allison a really good story :)

My little cousin Allison chillin' in my princess chair

Just relaxing and people watching from my princess chair

Sitting like all the adults I see at the party

Best Friends!

Mommy loves this photo of her girls! Look at our facial expressions!

Do I look tired? Does Allison look hot?

Go Cats Go!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Who needs a bed?

For the past couple of weeks I have been sleeping in my big girl bed. Mommy was nervous of how well I would do at nap time for Nana, but I haven't given her any problems. Nana checks on me while I am sleeping and sometimes finds that I am not in my bed. Nana always carries the camera with her in case she needs to snap a photo or two. Mommy says I take after her because I can sleep anywhere and don't need a bed. After the photos below were taken, I am always put in my bed so that I don't wake up with kinks in my neck. Enjoy the photos of me sleeping.
Taking my nap on the glider in my room

I love sleeping on the recliner. My baby doll likes it too.

Who needs a pillow when you can use your arm on the floor? My baby doll likes the floor too.

I love my big giraffe pillow!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Movers and Shakers Fall Semester begins today

Movers and Shakers class started again today! I don't know who was more excited, Mommy, Daddy, or Me. I love going to class. Today I told Mommy that I was going to class to see my friends and the boys. Mommy smiled and asked me about seeing girls, but I told her there would be boys. There were a lot of kids absent today, but class was still fun. Grandpa and Uncle Paul came to watch me today. I had fun running around and playing. Today's skill that we practiced was jumping. You will see a picture of me jumping over a rope that was off the ground. I jumped over just fine, but landed on my bottom. After class, we met up with Nana and Poppy for dinner. I am going to love Thursdays now because it's the day I go to class. I can't wait for next week.
Action photo of me jumping over the rope

Walking carefully between the parallel bars

I'm a pro at this and don't need Mommy's help

Daddy and Me looking through the window

I love dipping my chips in salsa

Showing my muscles like the lady on the poster

Playing with silly Uncle Paul after dinner