Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carseat 101

If you ever need to get a child out of the carseat and aren't sure what to do, maybe my instructional video will help you. I started giving instructions on how to get me out of my carseat when we were in San Diego. Uncle Paul asked what he needed to do and I told him. Today when Daddy went to get me out I gave him instructions and Mommy was there to capture it on video. Hope you can understand my instructions! If not, play the video clip a couple of times! Enjoy!

Mail from Alaska

This morning we went to see Despicable Me and afterwards I took a long 3 1/2 hour nap. When I woke up from my nap, Mommy told me that I had mail. I love mail! I asked Mommy to help me open the envelope. The card read, Grandma and Grandpa send greetings from Alaska. Nana and Poppy have been in Alaska for over a week and they sent me mail from there. I was so excited. The front of the card also had orcas on it, or as I call them, Shamu! Nana and Poppy sent me something for my piggy bank from Alaska. Getting mail is so fun! Thanks Nana and Poppy! I can't wait to see them this Wednesday when they get home from their Alaskan trip!
Waving to Mommy this morning letting her know I was ready to go.

This is my self portrait that I took right before the movie started

Trying to eat grapes and smile while opening my mail

Concentrating while getting the card out of the envelope

Reading the card from Nana and Poppy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun at Target

Shopping with me is an adventure these days. Sometimes I will ride in the cart and other times I want to walk, which usually turns into running. Tonight at Target I found a ball to bounce while Mommy was looking at school supplies. Around the corner peeked a little boy's head and I asked him to bounce the ball back to me. We started playing right away. We then noticed the open doors to the garden center. We stood at the opening and looked up to see a surprise on the security t.v. The surprise was that we could see ourselves on the t.v. We would wave at the t.v. and we could see us waving back and thought it was funny. Mommy of course had the camera handy and had Daddy snap some photos of me and my friend having fun at Target! Who knew shopping at Target could bring this much excitement? Mommy loves to shop at Target and it is quickly becoming my favorite store too!
I am standing in front of the little boy waving to the security cameras and watching myself on t.v.

Showing the security camera the ball we were playing with and watching us on t.v. Mommy says I look like a little Target employee with my khaki capris and red shirt:)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday night tradition

This Summer my movers and shakers class has been on Tuesday evenings. Before going to class, we often go to Family Night at Chick-Fil-A or as I call it, "eating with the COW!" Tonight Uncle Kenny, Aunt Stacie, and Allison went with us for dinner. This was Allison's first time meeting the cow and she wasn't too sure about him, but I told her not to worry that he is a nice cow. I love our Tuesday night tradition. When the balloon guy came to our table, I asked for a ladybug balloon. He made Allison and I ladybug bracelets. I loved it and didn't want to take it off. It's so fun to eat chicken, see the cow, and then have fun at class! Enjoy the photos from our Tuesday night fun!
Smiling and showing off my ladybug bracelet

Daddy, Me, and the COW! I even gave him a hug!

Allison and the Cow, who she is not too sure of yet.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Reading and Singing to Mommy

While playing in my room with Mommy today I told her to lay down for a story. I put a blanket on Mommy and grabbed my favorite bedtime story, Elmo's Alphabet. Mommy quickly grabbed her camera and captured me reading on video. I read part of the book and then grabbed, Abby's Book of Shapes to read. After reading, I started to sing my version of twinkle twinkle little star. Mommy was excited to capture all of this on video. Click on the videos below and enjoy the stories and song.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

We left chilly San Diego for hot Tucson today! We had a wonderful week, but it was time to go home. As I look back at our week, the things I loved the most were(in no particular order):
1. Playing in the sand and building sand castles
2. Running from the ocean water
3. Sea World, especially seeing Shamu, the sharks, the pet show, the oppopus (octopus), Elmo's Flying Fish ride, and the fireworks
4. Eating ice cream
5. Vacationing with Mommy, Daddy, Nina Nina Dia, Grandpa, Uncle Paul, Nina Karen and Nino Joe
Mommy didn't take too many pictures today since we spent most of our time in the car and we didn't think taking photos of our laundry piles would be exciting. The photo below is of Mommy and Nina Karen playing the slot machines while we ate breakfast at the Golden Acorn Casino on our way home. Hope you enjoyed reading about my trip, it was a blast!
Mommy and Nina Karen

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last day at the beach

Today is our last day in San Diego before we drive home tomorrow. Even though it was overcast today we still spent time at the beach building sand castles, collecting seashells, running from the water, playing with the beach ball, and chasing Grandpa. I loved it when Mommy asked if I wanted to go to the beach this morning. I answered, "Mommy, put my baming soup on (my bathing suit)." I think I could become a beach toddler bum. I love everything about the beach. After playing at the beach we went swimming. I liked splashing Grandpa and Uncle Paul with my cannonballs. The beach and pool tired me out! I took a nice long nap and woke up with lots of energy. We decided to end our vacation with one more Shamu and fireworks show. It was a perfect way to end our fabulous trip! Enjoy the photos and a few videos from our last day at the beach!
I am practicing my videography skills with Uncle Pauls Flip camera

I've got my beach mat and I'm ready to go

I am trying to copy Uncle Paul in this photo by digging my feet in the sand

Building a sand castle with Grandpa

I used the tire tracks on the beach for a balance beam

Super Caitlin running on the beach

Daddy took this photo of Mommy because he thought it looked like Mommy was the monkey on the towel. Mommy used the towel like a blanket because she thought it was too chilly.

Walking and holding Dadyd's hand to get some ocean water

Uncle Paul and Me having fun in the sand

Mommy loves my mischievious smile in this photo

Chasing Grandpa in the sand

Having fun with the beach ball

Action shot of me running on the beach

Having fun swimming with Daddy

Daddy and I are looking up to see how high the tower ride is that we are about to get on

Here is our view from the waiting area for the tower ride

Daddy, Mommy, and Me waiting for the ride to start

Daddy and Me waiting for the Shamu Rocks show with my glow sword

Daddy, Me, and Uncle Paul were on the jumbo screen while dancing to the music

Four BIG whales showing off during the show

Below are three video clips from our day. You will see me digging in the sand, playing ring around the otter in the pool, and see the finale of the Sea World fireworks that topped off the end of our last day! Enjoy the videos!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shopping and Seals

Today was another great day in San Diego. We went back to Seaport Village to do a little shopping, have lunch, and of course, ride the carousel! The day was partly overcast and was perfect. I liked walking in the shops, especially the toy shop where everything is made out of wood! I could still be there playing if Mommy and Daddy let me. Mommy likes going into the Christmas store and walked away again this year with presents. While walking through Seaport Village I stopped at investigated the large water fountains, chased birds, and enjoyed looking at the boats in the bay. We ate lunch at the Pier Cafe, which is a family favorite. After my nap, we drove to La Jolla and walked along the coast. We stopped to see the seals on the beach and watch the waves crashing. The weather was a little chilly and felt great! We had a great dinner in La Jolla too. We drove home just in time to watch the Sea World fireworks from our condo! What a fabulous day! Enjoy the photos!
So happy in the morning

One of the many fountains I stopped to investigate

Mommy loves this photo because I am standing on my tippy toes to look for boats and see the water.

The whole gang at the Pier Cafe for lunch!

Daddy and Me at lunch

Nina Karen riding the carousel

One thing is for sure: I LOVE CAROUSELS!!!!!!!

My Ninos in La Jolla

Mommy, Daddy, and silly Me in La Jolla

Me with my Ninos, Mommy and Daddy

Looking over the wall at the seals

Uncle Paul and Grandpa love the cool weather and the ocean breeze

Showing off my photography skills again. I took this photo of Mommy and Nina Karen.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sea World: Take Two

Our passes for Sea World are good for the rest of the Summer so we took full advantage and spent another day there on our vacation. I couldn't wait to go back! Nino Joe and Nina Karen went with us this time too. I was up and ready to go early this morning. I knew I wanted to see Shamu, sharks, and the doggy show. The weather was overcast for most of the day, making our day perfect. We did come home for nap time during the day and then went back in the evening. Nina Karen and I napped and everyone just kicked back and relaxed. As you scroll through the 50+ photos below you will follow us through our great day at Sea World! Enjoy!
I have my popcorn bucket and I'm ready for another fun day at Sea World!

I love holding hands and jumping. Nina Nina Dia and Uncle Paul were helping me jump really high as we walked into the park.

I don't know why, but I don't like my picture taken all the time. This was the best and fastest group shot we could get. (Grandpa, Mommy, Nina Nina Dia, Uncle Paul, Daddy, Me, Nina Karen, and Nino Joe)

Mommy, Nina Karen, Daddy and Me with Mr. Polar Bear

The moment I heard the music playing I started to dance down the pathway.

"Comere sea lions" (translation: come here sea lions)

Hungry and waiting for me to feed them

Holding the slimy fish food tight so the birds don't come and eat it

Nina Karen loves interacting with the animals. She is petting a bat ray in this photo.

Daddy held me tight while I tried petting the bat rays. Their skin is smooth.

Touching the sea stars with Daddy. I didn't understand that they needed to stay below the water.

Taking a close look at the sea star eating

I like touching the animals too!

"Let me hold it Daddy"

Taking a close look at the fish inside an aquarium. Mommy likes how my reflection appears in the photo.

Meet Scuba Steve who has the job of cleaning the glass. That is what Daddy and Uncle Paul named him.

"Look Mommy, it's Dorothy" Caitlin pointed out the fish that was the same color of her goldfish at home whose name is Dorothy.

These are lion fish.

Daddy and Me enjoying the day

Getting Flamingo food from Nino Joe

Dropping the food for the flamingos

Both the ducks and flamingos enjoyed the treats

The dolphin show was our first show of the day. This is a new show at the park and it was fantastic!

Nina Karen rode Elmo's Flying Fish behind me

Daddy rode it too!

Meeting Zoe and Elmo!

Giving Elmo a big high five! Last year I wasn't too sure about getting close to Elmo, but this year I ran right up to the characters:)

The doggy show is one of my favorites. Along with dogs, there are pigs, ducks, cats, and birds in the show.

Both days that we watched the show, the parrot didn't fly to the right spot. Today the parrot flew down and sat in the section that was marked off for pets only. At least he didn't land on us!

Taking time out to play games! I tried the ring toss with Uncle Paul.
Then I tried fishing......

and I won a prize!
Mommy and Me with my fish prize

Next we played a water game

It was Mommy and Me versus my Ninos. If you look closely you can see the water coming out of our guns. We played twice and won two penguins for Allison and Me!

Grandpa played a game and with his powerful swing he won me a Shamu
Can you see all the new toys we won? I was tired after playing games and was ready to go home for a nap!

Nino Joe enjoyed relaxing by the window and watching the ocean

I was full of energy after my nap. I even tried to put Daddy's shoes on.

I tried to tie the laces like Daddy too.

So happy knowing we were going back to Sea World

Waking my Nina up from her nap so we could go back to Sea World

The whole gang ready for more fun! I really liked this car that looked liked Shamu!

Mommy bought us a Shamu shaped pretzel for a snack

Waving to the Cirque de la Mer performers after the show

Daddy and Me with two of the sea lion and otter trainers after the show

The girls at Sea World! Nina Nina Dia, Nina Karen, and Mommy were posing for the camera and Daddy snuck me in behind them for this fun photo!

Can you guess what I am doing here? That's right, showing off some of my dance moves again. I love to dance, which makes Mommy quite proud!
My Ninos with the tree of lights from the Sea World Tower

Clapping and dancing to the music before the Shamu Rocks Show

Mommy tried to take a picture of the two of us, but forgot she had zoomed in and so she only got me. Mommy thinks my face is adorable!

When I see this tree lit up, I point to it and say, "Dia's house." That's because at Christmas time Nina Nina Dia has a Christmas tree lit up like this in her front yard.

Here is a little video clip of me grooving to the beat before the Shamu Rocks show. The video is a little dark because of the lighting, but you should still be able to see me and if you pay close attention you might just see the Shamu cheer! Enjoy!