Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Camping and Picnicking indoors

It's tooooooo hot to play outside during the day so Allison and I set up camp indoors. Nana helped us put up our tent with a connecting tunnel. Mommy said we could eat at the small table in the fireplace room and have a picnic! Allison and I were in heaven! We had fun playing cards in the tent, pretending to sleep in the tent, crawling through the tunnel, and just simply being best buds! Nana snapped lots of photos of our day! Camping indoors is fun!
This is my famous pose when I don't want my picture taken! Allison posed for the camera.

Do you want to join us for a card game?

Eating our picnic lunch on the little kids table! We loved this!

Having fun in the tent.

Allison invited Uncle Kenny, her Daddy, into our tent

Uncle Kenny read Hop on Pop to us in the tent

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A fabulous Summer Sunday!

Today was a fun and productive day! I woke up this morning and yelled from my room, "Mommy, wake up!" Of course Mommy did what I told her and came to get me out of bed. This started our day. I helped Mommy sort laundry before breakfast. After breakfast we continued with a little house work before going to see Toy Story 3! Nana and Uncle Paul met us at the movies. Our theater was packed and we waited until the next movie so we didn't have to sit in the very front row. I almost fell asleep during the movie, but I managed to stay awake through all of the movie. I loved it, however my favorite movie right now is Lilo and Stitch. I ask Mommy and Daddy everyday if we can watch it. After the movie it was nap time! I didn't have any trouble falling asleep. When I woke up from my nap, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Paul, Grandpa, and me went to dinner to celebrate Fawver's Day since Daddy wasn't here last weekend. We went to Texas Roadhouse and had a very yummy dinner! Afterwards, we had ice cream! This was definitely a busy and productive Sunday! I love days like this!
Mommy asked me to bring my hamper from my room and I did! Then I helped her sort the dirty clothes into piles!

Holding hands with Nana and Daddy as we walk to the movie theater.

Daddy and Me outside of Texas Roadhouse

A fun Fawver's Day photo with three generations of Hurleys, Granpda, Uncle Paul, Daddy, and Me :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Basketball Fun at McKale

Daddy's basketball team is playing in a team camp tournament this weekend. They played one game on Thursday night and four games yesterday. Today is a single elimination tournament. We get to cheer Daddy's boys while they play in McKale which is always fun! I love to run around McKale! Daddy's team won their first game with no problem. His team fought hard in their second game against the number 2 team from Nevada, but didn't win. Daddy is missing two top players today! We are still so proud of Daddy and his team! We are their biggest fans! Summer basketball will be over next week and then Mommy, Daddy, and I will really start enjoying our Summer vacation!
Just being cute and leaning on Mommy as the first game begins

Happy while I eat my fruit snacks

Smiling for the camera

Grandpa and Poppy with their little girl :)

Being silly with a lolli pop in my mouth

Our little basketball fan

Say Cheese!

Mommy and I having fun with a 5 week old puppy that another fan brought to the game

I wanted to hold the puppy meself!

Being gentle with the puppy

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun night at Ventana Canyon

Mommy is attending a conference these next three days at Ventana Canyon and gets to stay at the resort. Daddy and I went to play with Mommy this afternoon and spend the night! I was so excited when we got to the resort and saw Mommy. First thing we did was check out the hotel room! We met Mommy's friends at a restaurant for dinner. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful view. I loved running around exploring and finding a variety of animals. The first animal I encountered was a lizard. He was pretty big but was camouflaged with the brick wall. I took Mommy's friends to see the lizard. I also saw ducks, butterflies, and birds. After I couldn't eat anymore of my sandwich, I fed the birds a little. After dinner we went swimming! The pool was a little cold, but I didn't mind. All I wanted to do was swim under water, again proving that I am a little fish! After swimming, Mommy, Daddy, and I walked up the path to see a waterfall. I was more interested in pointed out where the water was in the stream below as we walked. Bath time was fun tonight because the bathtub was big enough to fit Mommy, Daddy, and Me at the same time. Mommy and Daddy didn't get in with me though. We could see the city lights from our balcony which was beautiful! Afterwards, it was story time and bedtime for me! I fell fast asleep! What a fun evening!
Daddy and me in the hotel room before dinner

This isn't just a picture of the brick wall. If you count up 9 rows and look closely, you can see Mr. Lizard!

I took this picture of the butterfly that landed on the window.

Happy duck cooling off in the water

My yummy dinner! I was given anough fruit to feed everyone!

I distracted the performers inside. They just kept looking at me and I just kept watching them through the window!

Lounging by the pool like my Daddy

Taking a quick sip before swimming.

My tired look

Looking at the city lights with Mommy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Movers and Shakers playdate with Corinna

Corinna came to my Movers and Shakers class today for a play date! We did this a year ago and had just as much fun! The Allen family met Mommy and I at Chick-fil-A first to eat with the cow! Corinna and I had fun at class climbing on everything, playing, and racing across the floor. After class, we played ring around the rosie outside. I sure wish Corinna lived in Tucson! We love playdates with the Allen Family! Enjoy the photos!
Mommy loved how she caught both Corinna and I in action as we were climbing

Two girls having fun makes it hard for both of them to look at the camera at the same time

We made it hard for Mommy to catch us looking at the same time

Watching Miss GiGi closely as she explains how to trot like a horse across the floor

We practiced walking like bears and even made bear noises

Mommy joined us for ring around the rosie

We all fall down :)

The girls and their Daddies. Mommy thinks this picture is funny because none of us are looking in the same direction.

Mr. Sam and Daddy with their favorite girls

A picture is worth a thousand words

When Mommy got home from work today, the living room looked like the picture below. Mommy doesn't hink it needs any description, but she can tell that Allison and I have had a great day! What do you think?
Allison and I aren't hiding in this photo, we are in our beds taking a nap:)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fawver's Day!

Today is a day to celebrate Daddy, my Poppy, my Grandpa Corkey, my Grandpa Gary, my Uncle Kenny, my Uncle Paul, and my Nino Joe. It is a day to celebrate all those who are a father figure to me and anyone else! I love all of these men in my life! All of you are special to me! So special that I renamed today, "Fawver's Day." We had another fun filled day! We started with going to 7am mass at St. Rita's in Vail. Afterwards we went to Aunt Stacie and Uncle Kenny's for a yummy waffle breakfast. We came home to take a quick nap and then we had a cookout at our house. My Daddy is in San Diego today and we miss him, but we celebrated with him in mind all day! My cousins were at my house before I woke up from my nap and they really wanted to wake me up to go swimming, but Mommy said it was best to let me wake up on my own. Boy is Mommy right! When I did finally wake up, we had a blast playing in the pool, shooting water guns, riding on shamu, and jumping off the diving board! Have I told you how much I love swimming??? A special thanks to cousin Cheryl for taking a lot of pictures for Mommy while Mommy was in the pool! Enjoy the photos of our day!
Sitting patiently waiting for the waffle maker to have my waffle ready

Helping Allison's baby doll ride the airplane

Grammy Linda and I had fun playing in Allison's new tent

Mommy and Uncle Kenny

Allison giving me a high five while I take her picture

Pretending to be Handy Manny while I shine the flashlight for Uncle Kenny

Taking a picture of Poppy taking a picture of me :)

My self portrait :)

Can we go in the pool now Mommy?

All the cousins having a blast in the pool!

Jumping off the diving board to Mommy creates a splash

Swimming in the deep end with Mommy

Cousin Garrett takes a ride on Shamu

Not sure what I was pointing at, but I was having fun!

Aunt Stacie and Alli Grace

YUM! Nothing better than Eegee's in the pool on a hot Summer day!

Cousins Hannah and Amie

Who's the cute little girl with her shades on?

I took this picture of my Ninos after giving the hummingbird windspinner to my Nino! I picked the gift out myself and hummingbirds are Nino's favorite bird!