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Photo of the week!
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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve!

We had a very productive last day of 2010! While staying in our comfy pajamas for most of the day, we took down all of our Christmas decorations. I was a big help. As Mommy and Daddy were taking down the ornaments I would find the ornament that matched the picture on the box and then point it out to Mommy and Daddy. At first I didn't like the idea of taking down Christmas, but I slowly warmed up to the idea. Mommy loves the Christmas decorations, but also was happy to get the house back to some sort of normal feeling. Mommy said if we worked hard today that we would love being able to enjoy Saturday and Sunday without having too much to do. After taking down Christmas and having a nice long nap, we were ready to ring in the new year in the coziness comfort of home. Nana, Poppy, Grandpa, Uncle Paul, and Nina Nina Dia came over to join us. We played games and just relaxed until it was time to countdown to 2011. We did eat 12 grapes so that we would have good luck for the new year. A Spanish tradition we do every year, thanks to the Centos. At midnight we went outside to see what our neighbors would be shooting off in the air. We were certain our neighbors who put on excellent 4th of July fireworks would do the same for New Year's, but we were wrong. We did see fireworks, but definitely not as much as we were expecting. Daddy had sparklers for me and I thought they were so fun! I even took my baby doll outside to see the fireworks and sparklers. What a great last day of the year we had spending it at home with family! I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!

Helping take down Christmas - Pointing out the ornament that is on the box to Daddy

Double checking to make sure the ornament matches the box

Carefully putting the ornaments away

Wrapping the ornaments

Daddy and Me are great working buddies

I climbed in the ornament tub with my pony and told Daddy to "pack me up"

After naptime I was energized for the night!

Playing cards, I was Daddy's partner

"Can I have a card Daddy?"

I took this photo of Uncle Paul and Daddy being silly!

Drinking a strawberry milkshake, my favorite!

Putting down the 2 of hearts

Uncle Paul trying to teach me how to play quarters :)

I pulled Uncle Paul's sweatshirt strings so he could barely see. I thought it was funny!

Mommy just can't stand how cute this photo is!

This is the face of an almost three year old!

Smiling with my Daddy. Do you see my camera in the photo? It's my own personal camera that I can take pictures with and download them to the computer!

Silly face time with Daddy

Kissy face time with Daddy

Drawing is a favorite activity of mine

Silly face time with Uncle Paul

I love Uncle Paul!

The Hurley boys and Me

Mommy and her little girl

Baby and I are tired, but we fought to stay up until midnight!

"Ready to go outside and see fireworks!"

Too cute with my sock hat and red boots!

Waiting for Nana to tell us it's time to eat the grapes

"Happy New Year!"

Sparkler time

"Wow Daddy, this is cool"

"Look at my sparkler guys"

Showing off my sparkler to Uncle Paul

Holding my baby up high so she can see the fireworks in the sky

My Daddy: Top 100 Leading Sports Figures of 2010

Congratulations to my Daddy for being named in Greg Hansen's Top 100 Leading Sports Figures for 2010. Mommy and I are so proud of you! This is what Greg wrote about Daddy in the Arizona Daily Star today:

72. Ben Hurley. Amphitheater's young boys basketball coach led the Panthers to a 29-3 season and to the state 4A-II finals, and is off to a 9-1 start this season, ranked No. 1 in the state.

Daddy you are number 1 in our books and think you are the best! We love watching you coach and cheering on you and your team! Way to go DADDY!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last UofA football game of the year

We did our best tonight to cheer the Wildcats on in the Alamo Bowl. Our efforts didn't help much as the Wildcats lost. We did have fun celebrating together and singing Happy Birthday to Uncle Paul. I like how we have been celebrating Uncle Paul's birthday all week. Allison and I love birthday parties! Daddy came home from Phoenix today so I was excited to get to play with him. Allison and I helped keep everyone entertained when the football game wasn't. After browsing photos from the evening make sure to click on the video clip of me reading to Allison tonight!

Allison and Uncle Ben have fun playing together

Allison loves to be thrown up in the air

Pirate Wildcat fan!

Dancing for the crowd!

Allison loves to get down low when Mommy tells her to shake her booty :)

Cheering for the CATS!

Reading books together is one of our favorite things to do!

Singing Happy Birthday to Uncle Paul

After the candles were blown out, it was time to taste the frosting!

Uncle Paul helped Allison taste the frosting on his cake

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cheering on the Panthers in Phoenix with Gracie and Nolan

Daddy's team is playing in the basketball challenge this week. The basketball challenge is ranked 9th in the nation for holiday tournaments. His team competes against four top teams in four days. We went up for yesterday and today's game. The bonus for us traveling to Mesa was that we got to see Joe, Jodi, Gracie, and meet baby Nolan. Gracie and I had fun playing together and sharing snacks. I loved touching Nolan's hair and I even held him. Daddy's team beat a top ranked team from California last night, Orange County Lutheran, and they lost a tough battle tonight by three points to Chaparral High School. The games were full of high energy! I love cheering on Daddy's boys and I like giving them high fives after the game and telling them, "good job." A big thanks to Joe and Jodi for having us over to their house for dinner and playtime before Tuesday night's game. Way to go Daddy and the Panthers!

Can't you see I'm watching the game Mommy

Caitlin and her newest cousin, Baby Nolan

Cousin Gracie

Nina Nina Dia holding her great-great nephew, Nolan Joseph

Nana and Nolan

Nana, Nina Nina, Nina Nina Dia, Joseph, and Nolan - Three generations of Carrillos

Mommy, Nolan, and Me

Me holding Nolan

Gracie got a trampoline for Christmas too!

Sitting in Gracie's playhouse

Sleeping Nolan sporting the blanket Mommy made him

I like cheering from the very top of the stands