Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lazy Pajama Day

I stayed in my pajamas all day today! I slept in until about 8:30 and started my morning off lazy with my Daddy while Mommy was running errands. I took a four hour nap in the afternoon and woke up still wearing my pajamas. At 5 o'clock Mommy and Daddy decided there was no reason for me to change since we were going to just hang out at home. Nana, Poppy, Grandpa, and Uncle Paul came over for dinner and were shocked to find me still in my pajamas. I had a blast playing with the new wooden airplane that Grandpa bought me. I also tried to distract Uncle Paul from eating his dinner as I just wanted to play with him instead. I took my bath and went to bed at my normal time, but in different pajamas of course. What a fun lazy day to day was! Enjoy some of the pictures of my lazy day!
Being cute with my Uncle Paul

Smiling for the camera

Pretending to fly my new wooden airplane

Sharing my new toy with Uncle Paul

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ring around the rosie

I love to dance to any kind of music. I especially love it when someone sings for me to dance. I like to play the game ring around the rosie. When I first learned it, I loved to watch Mommy and I fall to the ground together. When we would fall, I would clap my hands and ask to play again. Lately, I like to play this game and dance even if no one is singing or playing with me. Mommy finally caught it on video tonight. Mommy and Daddy had to distract me with another game to get me to stop because after falling, I kept getting back up and playing over and over again, making myself very dizzy. Hope you enjoy the little video of me.

Happy Birthday Nino Joe!

Nino's birthday was on Monday, but tonight we celebrated with dinner and games at our house. I had a blast playing with everyone. My Ninos brought Allison and I outfits and I put my new outfit on for the party. The top fit me perfectly, but I still have room to grow into the bottoms. I kept them on anyway, but they sagged a little and let my diaper hang out. My Mommy and Daddy said I looked like their students with sagging clothes. I also wore new tennis shoes today. I have grown out of my favorite red shoes. Thanks to Nana, I have new shoes and when I have them on I just want to run everywhere! They also matched my new outfit that my Ninos brought! While Daddy was grilling, I had a blast playing in the yard with Allison. I showed her toys from the water table. Allison sat in the swing and even slid down the slide, with a little assistance of course from Nina Karen. After dinner and cake, I took a bath and went to bed, while everyone else played a game called, Catch Phrase. Even Allison stayed awake to play the game. We hope Nino Joe had a wonderful birthday! We had fun celebrating with you today! Enjoy the photos from the evening.
Posing for a picture in my new outfit with my Ninos (Happy Birthday Nino!)

Aunt Stacie and I saying "cheese" for the picture. This is my new face for pictures:)

Showing off my new shoes

Notice how much my pants are sagging :)

Playing with the toys in my water table and sharing with Allison

Nina Karen helped Allison slide down the slide for the first time

Allison sitting like a big girl in the swing

Daddy took a break from grilling to help teach me how to climb the ladder to the slide

I made it to the top with a little help from Daddy

Nino Joe loves babies and babies love him! Allison and Nino Joe

Allison sitting and playing with one of my toys

I helped Nino Joe blow out the candles

Nina Nina Dia, Nana, Allison, and Nina Karen up much later than me

Allison helping Nana play a game

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

17 months old!

Seventeen months ago today Mommy and Daddy got to hold me for the first time! They still love holding me and cuddling with me, but I have grown and changed so much from when they first met me! It seems like each day I am doing something new that amazes Mommy and Daddy. I am such an easy going little girl that I have spoiled Mommy and Daddy. I like to be in bed by 8pm, sometimes earlier. I usually sleep 11-12 hours a night and have lately been taking two naps during the day. I love helping Nana babysit my cousin Allison. I love to put my finger over my mouth and say ,"sss" when I see Allison or anyone else sleeping. I like to shake my head to say no,no,no when Allison is crying. I love being a big cousin! I am mimicking everything these days! I try and mimic sounds that people make or their actions. I especially like to mimic Mommy's dance moves which of course makes Mommy smile big:). One of my favorite songs is the Chicken Dance. I like to play the chicken, start the dance, and then look around to make sure everyone is dancing. I also like to dance to Row,Row,Row your boat and If you're happy and you know it...... If I hear music, you can be sure that I will be dancing to it. I like to march and try to pick my knees up as high as possible. I like to play tag and run. I have been more interested with balls lately and my golf set. Mommy and Daddy are pretty impressed by how far I can hit the ball. I can say mama, dada, and ball, but I sign most of the things I want. Some of my favorite signs are mama, daddy, more, eat, milk, potty, and apple. Tonight Mommy read a book that had apples in it and every time she said apple or I saw a picture of one, I signed for apple. A big thanks to my cousin Amy who likes to come over and teach me new signs when she visits. I am becoming a little more independent as I grow older. I like to feed myself more than before. Bath time is my time to shine. Once I help Mommy and Daddy take my clothes off, I have established a routine that Mommy caught on video. I walk over to my hamper and put my dirty clothes away, they have to be in the hamper all the way or I open the lid and try it again. Then I look at Mommy and Daddy to give me a washcloth for the bath. I walk to the bath and throw the washcloth in the tub. Once I get in the tub, I have started to try and wash by myself. I love to wash my belly and have started to try to wash my legs by myself. I also love to give kisses! I love my Elmo kisses book and when I read it I like to make the "muah" sound as I kiss Elmo. I also say "muah" when blowing kisses. Allison probably gets the most kisses from me as we play together all day. This is just a sample of what I like to do as a toddler these days. Enjoy the video clip below of my bath routine!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Any requests?

I love playing musical instruments. When I am at Nana's or my Nino's houses I love to play the piano. I can reach the keys by just standing, but I usually ask to be sat on the piano bench. I play the keys pretty softly and love to hear the sounds that the different keys make. I usually play for a few minutes and then look around to see who is listening to my music. I love to hear applause after I play. Mommy and Daddy hope that I my love of music continues to grow!
Sitting like a big girl playing the piano at Nana and Poppy's house

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cooking and Playing with my Ninos

Tonight my Ninos came over for dinner and play time! Nino Joe taught Mommy how to cook his yummy shrimp scampi. I tried to learn too! After dinner, I had a blast playing with my Ninos. Nina Karen and I sat on the floor and played with my blocks. I like to knock down the towers that she tries to build. While she started putting the blocks away, I started to help her. She was amazed because I usually try stopping her from putting them away. I actually tricked her though because just as we put the last block away, I turned the bag upside down and let all the blocks fall out. I couldn't stop laughing. I also showed my Ninos my muscles. When Mommy or Daddy tell me to show my muscles, I put my arms up and I squint really hard to show my muscles. Everyone thinks it's cute how hard I work at showing my little muscles. Nina Karen and Mommy gave me my bath. Nina Karen and Nino Joe read to me before bed. I loved leaning against them as they read softly to me. I then went right to sleep and surprised my Ninos because they thought for sure I would fight it. What a fun night cooking and playing with my Ninos! Enjoy the photos!

Nina Karen and I watched as Mommy and Nino Joe were cooking the shrimp

My Nino and Me :)

Showing my muscles :)

Helping put the blocks away....

and then emptying the blocks :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few of my favorite toys

There are a few toys that have become my favorites. Books are at the top of the list. Throughout the day I like to grab a book, sit, and flip through the pages by myself. Often I then take the book to the closest person in the room and have them read it to me. I love to read books! I love to point at the pictures and react to the pictures. I also love my beginner puzzles. I like to sit at my table and take out the pieces and then put them back. A big thanks to G.G. for my first puzzle. I can't wait until I put puzzles together with her. My doodle pro is another favorite toy. I like to use the magnets to stamp shapes or color the screen. I also like to draw with the pen. Mommy likes to hold my hand with the pen and practice writing letters. We have been focusing on the letter C because Mommy says my name begins with C. I even know how to erase the screen to start a new picture. This toy is fun for everyone! I play with other toys and dolls, but these three toys tops my list these days! Enjoy the photos and a video clip of how I like to interact with books.
Reading my Elmo book about the Moon

Playing at my table with my farm animal puzzle

I just erased the screen on my doodle pro so I can start drawing a new picture

Laying on the floor reading Ten Little Ladybugs

This video clip shows what I do when someone reads my Elmo book about kisses. Sometimes I pick up this book and read it myself and have the same reactions. Mommy and Daddy think it's cute, but you'll have to watch to find out what I do!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dentist's Office

Mommy had an appointment today and they told Mommy if I came in they would check my teeth too. Unfortunately they were running late and I wasn't able to have my teeth checked. This meant that Nana had the task of keeping me occupied while Mommy's teeth were cleaned. I was cute and happy when we arrived at the dentist, but got tired of waiting after awhile. Daddy even came to see me on his break, but I didn't want to be in the dentist's office any longer. Nana put me in my car seat and drove around the building and I was fast asleep in seconds. Nana then parked the car in the shade and we sat with the air conditioning on for 10 minutes while waiting for Mommy. Mommy and Nana decided that they won't make any more appointments at 10 for me because I would rather nap! Enjoy some pictures of me in the office before I got tired of waiting.
Making silly faces for the camera

Standing and smiling looking so big :)

Reading books with Nana while waiting

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dinner play date

Mommy and I met Robin, Jackson, and Delaney at Chick-fil-a for dinner. I loved my chicken and fruit. After dinner, I played in the kid area with Jackson and Delaney. There were toys I could play with by just standing, but I decided to be like the big kids and climb the stairs instead. Mommy was a little nervous, but was impressed how careful I was while climbing. Once I was to the top, Mommy asked Jackson and Delaney to keep an eye on me. I crawled through the tubes and Mommy wondered if I would attempt the slide. If not, Mommy knew she would have to climb up and get me. Jackson and Delaney came down the slide, but I didn't. After they climbed back up, I decided to follow Delaney down the slide! I had the cutest smile on my face when we reached the bottom. Mommy was proud of me. I then decided to climb up the stairs and play some more, but for some reason when I got to the top, I decided to climb back down the stairs. I fell on the last stair and that ended our play time. Mommy was right there for me and I was okay. Within an hour, my owie was gone. After Chick-fil-a Mommy and I went to visit my Ninos. Mommy tried to take pictures of me chasing their dog, Buster Brown, but realized the camera was broken. She dropped it at Chick-fil-a when I fell. Guess what Mommy says we will be buying tomorrow.....that's right, a camera! Enjoy the photos from today!
After climbing each step, I would sit down

Can you see me in the background? I am in the car tube having fun watching Jackson!

Delaney and I sliding down the slide with big smiles:)

Climbing back up, with no fear, for the second time before my owie happened.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Swimming, Lunch, and Purses equals a fun Friday!

This Summer, Mommy and I have been enjoying having swimming and lunch dates with her friends and their kids. Today, we had everyone over to our house for some fun! We started by playing with all my toys inside. Jackson, Delaney and I had fun making our living room look like a kid only zone! Then we went swimming. I loved watching the other kids jump off the diving board. Soon I will be jumping too. We took a break from swimming for a yummy lunch and then right back in the pool! Mommy even got a little break as her friends held me in the pool for awhile. After swimming, Mommy and I had a purse party. It was fun to see everyone look for their perfect purse! I had fun trying to help rearrange the purses and wallets. I also had fun playing with the kids while our Mommy's looked at purses! After the purse party, Allison and Angelica stayed with us for awhile. Mommy had fun playing with her favorite niece and I had fun playing with Angelica. Today was a great day and boy was I tired by night time!
Jackson loves playing with me and trying to pick me up

Thanks to Miss Laurie, Mommy got a little break. Laurie's son, Travis, had fun playing with the Shamu raft.

Delaney getting ready to jump off the diving board

Jackson showed off his perfect cannon balls

Travis showing off his silly dives

Jackson, Delaney, Travis, and Me playing with my toys

Sooo many purses and wallets to choose from

Angelica and Me playing together

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bye bye bottles!

Mommy and Daddy have officially put all of my baby bottles away! For the past couple of months I have been on sippy cups with only a bottle at night. For the past week, I have stopped having a bottle before bed! After my bath, I pick out books for Mommy and Daddy to read to me and then I go to sleep with little or no fussing. Sometimes I fall asleep before we have finished the books. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of their little girl:) This is another big milestone that I have reached! The pictures below aren't of me sleeping, but are from the fun I had with Daddy tonight before bath and story time.
Sitting in my swing. I see Allison in it every day and tonight I tried swinging in it. I have definitely outgrown this wonderful toy!

Playing horseback rides on Daddy. I like to climb on his back and let him give me a ride all over the house. We have a blast laughing and playing.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Yee haw!

I am getting so big that I am able to climb on and off many of my riding toys much easier now. I have fallen in love again with my rocking horse. When I am on it, I will squeeze the horses ears so that I can hear all the horse sounds. Sometimes I will try to grab Mommy's hand so that she will start rocking the horse, but I like to try and make the horse move by myself most of the time. Mommy and Daddy like to try and get me to say "yee haw" and wave my hand in the air like a real cowgirl. This afternoon I started doing the hand motion and tried to say yee haw, but all I could get out was the "yeeeee" part. Enjoy the short clip of me having fun on my rocking horse and pretending to be a little cowgirl!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting used to a spoon

I have been practicing using a spoon. I usually make a mess or put the spoon down after awhile and just use my hands. Tonight I tried feeding myself some ice cream with a big spoon. I would scoop up the ice cream and then turn the spoon around so I could lick the ice cream off instead of putting the spoon in my mouth. Mommy and Daddy thought it was cut. I did manage to eat some of the ice cream while getting the rest of the ice cream on my face and my bib. I know I am learning, but Mommy and Daddy are having fun as I discover on my own how to use my utensils:). The pictures below will show how I tried to use my spoon tonight.
Flipping the spoon is easy, but I have to try and do it quickly so I don't drop the ice cream:)

Mmm... this is good even if it is all over my face

Breakfast at Toni's

Every once and awhile we decide to have breakfast at Toni's! We love it because the food is yummy, it's close to our house, and we are always treated exceptionally well! Today, we met Nana, Poppy, Grandpa, and Uncle Paul for breakfast. All of the waitresses made over me. They used to love it when I was in my carseat, but now they love to interact with me and make me smile. I have adopted the owner as Grandma Toni. Today she picked me up and took me around the restaurant. She even carried me into the kitchen to show me around. I didn't mind at all. Mommy and Daddy love how they treat me and of course, we all think the food is pretty yummy. I especially like the pancakes:). I tried watermelon for the first time today at breakfast and think I am going to add it to my list of foods I like. Enjoy some photos from this morning.
Tasting watermelon for the first time

I think I am going to like this type of summer fruit:)

Grandma Toni and Me :)

Sitting on Poppy's shoulders after breakfast and Grandma Toni came by to get in the action