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Photo of the week!
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Puppy Surprise

Nina Nina Dia wants a doggie for Christmas. Mommy and Nina Karen have been looking for jack russell terriers, rat terriers, or a mix of them. They haven't had much luck of finding a dog in Tucson and have been considering getting one from out of town and having it shipped here. Nana and Uncle Kenny were at the mall today and decided to look in the small Humane Society shop at the mall. When Nana walked in, a brown and white jack russell terrier mix puppy was looking right at Nana. Nana fell in love. Mommy, Daddy, and I hurried over to the mall to meet the puppy. I loved throwing the ball to the puppy, petting him, and even tried to hold him. Nana and Mommy decided to buy the puppy for Nina Nina Dia. We went to look at another terrier at the main Humane Society center, but it wasn't what we wanted so we only ended up with one puppy today for Nina Nina Dia. We went to her house to surprise her, but she wasn't home. We have keys to her house so we went inside, showed the puppy his new home, and waited for Nina Nina Dia to come home. When she walked in, she took the puppy in her arms and never looked back. The puppy and Nina Nina Dia bonded instantly! I love this doggie and can't wait to grow up with him. Nina Nina Dia has named the puppy Pinto. Enjoy the photos of Nina Nina Dia's puppy surprise!
We walked the puppy around on a leash before we adopted him.

So excited to meet and pet the puppy

Showing the toy that Pinto likes to play with

Trying to hold the new, energetic puppy

Mommy and Uncle Kenny say the puppy will make it if it allows Allison to pull it's tail and me to pull it's ears at the same time!

Daddy and I had fun playing with Pinto in his new backyard

Nina Nina Dia and Pinto meeting each other and both were happy

Pinto fell asleep in Nina Nina Dia's arms after she had held him for only 5 minutes!

Doggie see, doggie do! I climbed on the ottoman and Pinto tried to copy me!
This is a fun video clip of me playing with Pinto in the backyard. He is a fast little puppy and I could barely keep up with him!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Annual Christmas Tree Party

Tonight was our family's annual Christmas tree party. Usually we start at Nina Nina Dia's house and then end at our house. We changed things around a little bit since Daddy's team had a game today. Nina Nina Dia had everyone over to watch the UofA vs. ASU football game. I took my nap for most of the game so Mommy and I missed the party at Nina Nina Dia's house. Her tree was decorated while the game was on. After Daddy's team won their game, everyone met at our house for dinner, dessert, decorating, and the gag gift exchange. Mommy, Daddy, and I each have our own tree so there was a lot of ornaments to be hung. I helped hang ornaments and didn't touch the trees after they were decorated. Mommy and Daddy hope that I will not touch the trees for the rest of the month. Stay tuned to see how I do. After tonight, our house is ready for Santa and Christmas! Enjoy the photos!
After Daddy's game, Mommy and I stopped by Nina Nina Dia's so we could hang ornaments on her tree. Nino Joe helped me hang ornaments.

After being showed how, I could hang the ornament all by myself.

Opening an early Christmas present from my Ninos. I love when they give me fun clothes for the holidays.

Hanging a UofA candy cane ornament with Mommy and Daddy on Daddy's sports themed tree.

I walked around with the snowman bucket for everyone to pick their number for the gag gift exchange.

Helping G.G. open her gag gift, flavored lip gloss. She gave me the Dr. Pepper flavored lip gloss.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Daddy's tip-off classic basketball tournament

Thanksgiving time is always the start of basketball season. This year, Daddy's team was in a tournament at Salpointe, where Mommy went to school. Daddy's team played 5 games in 6 days. His team finished 5th out of 16 teams and has a record of 4-1 for this season so far. I love going to Daddy's game. I want to be on the court running around more than in the stands. I move my hand as if I am dribbling the ball and I throw it up to pretend that I am shooting the ball. I love cheering for my Daddy and his team. Mommy pointed out where she used to cheer on the court. Basketball season is a busy season for us, but I love all of the action, excitement, and attention that I get from the fans! Mommy and I have some new kelly green shirts to wear to Daddy's games! Mommy and I are proud of Daddy's team and look forward to the rest of the season. I will keep you posted on how is team does. Enjoy the photos from this week of Daddy's games!
Ready to eat dinner before going to Daddy's game

Uncle Paul and I waiting for Daddy's game to start

Loving my panther cheer bear before the game

Squatting down on the court imitating Daddy when he coaches

Pointing to the basket

Uncle Paul gave me a boost so I could hang on the net

Playing with Uncle Paul after the game while waiting for Daddy to come out of the locker room. I liked following Uncle Paul on the three point line

Daddy's principal, Patsy, loves to play with me during the games and I love her too because she lets me go through her purse

Auntie Melanie has fun playing with me too! She also lets me go through her purse, wear her sunglasses, and even lets me borrow her lip gloss!

Cousin Allison went to one of the games

I tried to open the basketball bag to get a ball out, but Mommy caught me

Maggie and Me

This video clip is of me dancing with Uncle Paul during a timeout! I love to dance to any type of music.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a day for sleeping in, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, relaxing, playing at the school ground, napping, eating turkey, watching football, and looking at the ads for tomorrow's sales! Mommy, Daddy, and Me slept in today. We watched the parade while eating breakfast. Afterwards, I rode in the wagon while Mommy and Daddy walked to the nearby school. I had fun climbing the stairs and sliding down the slide all by myself. Last year, Mommy and Daddy were excited because I had just learned to crawl and now I can walk, run around, and climb stairs! Boy what a difference a year makes. After playing outside, we walked home for some juice, snacks, relaxing, and naps! We had our yummy turkey dinner at Nana and Poppy's house! Poppy's cooking is the best. I tasted everything, but the mashed potatoes were my favorite. I even had my own little small slice of pumpkin pie. I ate tonight using the utensils Mommy used as a little girl. After dinner, I played, watched football, and helped Mommy and Nana look through the ads. Mommy and Nana plan on shopping tomorrow early in the morning while Daddy and I will be sleeping in! The weather was great today and I loved having both Mommy and Daddy home all day with me. Enjoy our photos from turkey day!

Watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in my pajamas (I loved the big balloons)

Tracing my hand with Daddy's help to draw a turkey

Showing off the turkey Daddy helped draw with my hand print

Daddy, Me, and my turkey:)

Climbing the stairs at the playground by myself with Daddy behind me just in case

Sliding down the little slide

Getting ready to go down the curvy slide

Giggling as I slid all the way down

Nana and Me in front of her Thanksgiving themed tree

My turkey dinner plate

Taking a big bite of my favorite, mashed potatoes

Saying cheers with Daddy as we tap our glasses

Getting ready to take a bite of pumpkin pie

Mmmm....pumpkin pie

Nana had me taste her favorite pie, lemon meringue

Nothing tastes better than milk when eating dessert

Checking out the ads with Daddy and watching Uncle Paul put the paper on his head

I of course put the paper on my head like Uncle Paul

Mommy and G.G. checking out the ads

Pointing out to Mommy what I want

This is a short video clip capturing how much fun I had sliding down the slide today~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

An Early Thanksgiving

Tonight we celebrated Thanksgiving at Uncle Kenny and Aunt Stacie's house because they won't be here on Thanksgiving day. After our yummy dinner, we helped decorate the Christmas tree. My Uncle Kenny collects Star Wars ornaments. We gave him a Yoda tree topper tonight and Yoda and R2D2 lights for the tree. Aunt Stacie collects Coca-cola ornaments. Both types of ornaments went on their tree this year. I helped a little, but mostly had fun playing with Allison while everyone else was decorating. I love going to Aunt Stacie and Uncle Kenny's because I get to play with some of my old toys. I tried sitting in my bumbo seat and I still fit! I also sat in my favorite elephant rocker for a little bit. Right before leaving, I helped Aunt Stacie give Allison a bath! It was so much fun! I love the holidays!
Trying out my bumbo

Playing blocks with Allison

Allison loves sitting on the floor and playing

Helping Allison at bath time

Allison loves the bath like I do

Uncle Kenny's Yoda tree topper

Uncle Kenny and Aunt Stacie's Star Wars and Coca-cola tree