Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My First Haircut!

I had my first haircut today! I really went in to just have my bangs trimmed. Mommy puts my hair in little pony tails, but when my hair is down it is in my face and way too long! Mommy's friend, Shelly, cut my hair and said that with a trim, my hair will start to grow quicker and take shape. Mommy always trusts what Shelly says and so she just let Shelly cut my hair however she wanted. I sat on Mommy's lap and didn't squirm at all. I even stood on the chair so the back of my hair could get a trim and again I didn't squirm. Mommy and Daddy were impressed and proud of me. I waved at everyone in the salon. I had fun today and Mommy thinks I am going to like being pampered:). Enjoy the photos!
Waiting for my name to be called

Watching Shelly in the mirror as she cuts my hair

Sitting nice and still

I have bangs now!

I wore a cape for part of the time and I thought it was fun to flap my arms like a bat.

Sitting still again!

The serious me :)

Mommy said not to squirm so my hair would be pretty! I tried my best!

Mirror, Mirror, what do you see? I see Caitlin looking at me :)

I even had my hair blow dried!
Leaving the salon with my new hairstyle!

Friday, April 24, 2009

School Carnival

Mommy and Daddy took me to the school carnival tonight at a school where Mommy works. I had fun showing off that I can walk. I liked trying to play some of the games, but it was easier when Mommy and Daddy helped me out. There was music playing during the carnival and I liked dancing to the beat. I had a blast climbing up and down the stairs too! Tonight's weather was perfect for being outside and having fun!
Just being a happy baby
Trying to bowl at the carnival (I managed to knock over two pins out of three :))
Climbing up and down is so much fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

13 Months Old!

I am 13 months old today! I am acting like a little girl more and more each day! These are my favorite pastimes currently:

* imitating sounds that I hear
* touching my nose when asked, "Where is your nose?"
* walking around on my own
* pretending to brush my hair
* swinging on my swing
* opening and closing any type of door
* shaking my head to say yes or no to answer questions
* pointing at everything
* waving hello and goodbye at anyone
* trying to climb into the bathtub on my own
I am sure I might be missing a few, but you probably get the idea that I am an investigator and an explorer! I love to be moving around! I am sleeping through the night. I might wake up, but I go right back to sleep! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of the little girl I am turning into. My happiness is contagious. It is rare that I fuss or cry and Mommy and Daddy hope that never ends. Who knows what I will be into by the time I am 14 months old. Stay tuned!
Hats are fun!

Mommy's Birthday Cookout

We celebrated Mommy's birthday today at our house. Everyone came over for a cookout. I of course loved it because there was constant action happening! Mommy had fun at her little birthday bash!
Mommy and Me before blowing out the candles

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Daddy is #1!

My Daddy was named Coach of the Year for the 4AII Gila Region back in February. Tonight he was named Coach of the Year by the Southern Arizona Basketball Coaches Association! Mommy and Daddy went to a dinner tonight where Daddy received his award. It is a prestigious award as Daddy was nominated by his coaching peers. Mommy and I are so very proud of Daddy! I think he should also be named Daddy of the year! We love you Daddy! Congrats!
Daddy and Me with his Region Champs Plaque

Daddy and Coach McConnell with his award

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Look Who's Walking

I have been walking with support for a couple of months now, but lately I have been adventuring out on my own! I liked standing on my own and then walking by myself. Once I realize I am walking and moving, I sometimes sit down and crawl the rest of the way! Tonight Mommy tried to catch me on video! Here is a short clip of yet another milestone! Mommy and Daddy are proud of me, but think that me walking only means that I am going to keep them twice as busy! Enjoy the clip!

What do Nana and I do all day?

Many people wonder what my Nana and I do all day when she is taking care of me. If you ask my Nana, she might tell you things different from my perspective:)! From the time I see my Nana in the morning, I am nothing but a happy ball of energy! Since I am able to move around so well, I start to play with anything and everything! Nana and I have a blast together! Today, Nana moved my little bench into the living room since I wouldn't stop climbing on it! She decided to put all of my Easter bunnies with me and take some pictures. Mommy loves when she comes home and Nana has pictures from the day. Nana also helped me put some of my money from Easter in my piggy bank! I am good at putting money in my piggy bank thanks to my toy piggy bank that I play with daily! Often our day includes visitors too. today, my Aunt Stacie and my cousin Allison came by to visit. I welcomed them with a big smile and even tried to help get Allison out of her carseat! My days go by quickly as I keep my Nana busy and on her toes! Thanks again Nana for all the fun we have everyday! We love you! Enjoy the photos from today!
Having fun on my bench with my bunnies
Just being happy me :)
Posing with my bunnies and my Elmo basket
Carefully putting my money in my piggy bank
So happy to see my baby cousin

Trying to get Allison to come out and play!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Facing Forward

I am a big girl now and ride in my carseat facing forward! I love it! I can see everything around me! I am constantly pointing at things I see through the window! This is another milestone for me! Let's Go!

So happy in my carseat!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Kenny!

Happy Birthday Uncle Kenny! We hope you have a great day! This is your first birthday as a Daddy!

Uncle Kenny and Allison on her birth day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Dinner and Meeting Allison

We had Easter dinner at our house tonight! A big thank you to Poppy for doing all of the cooking! I loved seeing everyone, but the best part of the night was that I met my cousin Allison for the first time! Mommy couldn't wait to see my reaction! Allison is four days old today, which is how old I was on my first Easter! Already we have something in common. At first I just looked at baby Allison, but after about a minute, I felt comfortable and tried to climb in the baby carrier with Allison! I know we are going to be best friends! I didn't seem to mind when Mommy or Nana held Allison! I knew I could play with my Aunt Stacie if she wasn't holding the baby. If Allison made any little noises, I would just look at my Aunt Stacie with a face that told her she better do something! I can't wait for baby Allison to come over again! This has been a very busy and fun day!

Checking out my little cousin, Allison

Pointing at Allison's cute headband

I want to sit with Allison

Smiling after seeing my new cousin

Trying to touch Allison with gentle hands

Look at those tiny little feet!

Playing with my Aunt Stacie

Humpty Dumpty and Me (that was my Uncle Kenny's when he was little)

Mommy, Daddy, Allison, and Me
G.G. with her two grandkids and two great-granddaughters

Four generations (G.G., Poppy, Uncle Kenny and Mommy, Allison and Me)

My Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny left me an Easter Basket! I had noticed it in the morning, but I didn't open it until after my egg hunt! I loved taking each toy out of my Easter basket one at a time! I have to say that this day has been GREAT! I am glad the Easter Bunny likes me so much!

Sitting and taking a closer look at my Easter basket

I love my Elmo socks!

This is the exact pink ball I pointed out at the store to my Mommy and Daddy:)

Playing with my new key chain from the Easter Bunny who stopped at Nana's house

Easter Egg Hunt

After we got home from church, everyone came over to our house for lunch and to watch me hunt for eggs! The weather was beautiful and perfect for egg hunting! Before hunting for eggs though, I took a little Easter nap! Naps are great! When I woke up, I was excited to see everyone! We went outside and I started to look for my eggs. Some of them were easy for me to find and some of them made me look a little harder! I even found some eggs that looked like carrots! I liked pointing out the eggs, but I liked Mommy to pick them up for me first to make sure it was okay to touch them. Once I found out that if I shook the eggs, they made noise, I didn't have a problem picking them up and putting them in my Elmo basket! The Easter Bunny must have thought I have been a good girl because the he left me quarters in my Easter eggs! After finding all of the eggs, I posed in the yard for some cute Easter photos! Enjoy the photos!
Finding the purple egg

How funny! There is an orange egg in the orange tree!

Showing my Nina Nina Dia how to shake the eggs to make noise

Me with my Elmo Easter basket after finding all of my eggs(thanks to my Grandpa Corkey for keeping our flowers looking so good)

Clapping for myself after finding all the Easter eggs

Dropping some of the eggs while trying to pick up my heavy basket

Daddy helped me pick up the eggs I dropped

Looking at my eggs with Daddy and Uncle Paul

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! This is my second Easter! Last Easter, I was four days old, very fussy, and even took a trip to the emergency room, all because of breastfeeding issues! This year, Mommy and Daddy couldn't wait because they knew today would be much better! I woke up today in a happy mood like I always do! We ate breakfast and then got ready for church! The church was so packed that we had to sit outside, even though we got there early! I didn't mine because it was nice outside! I loved being with my Ninos at church. This was the start of another fun day!

Being cute early in the morning! My pajamas say "Chicks rule"

Behaving like an angel at church with my bunny

Mommy, Daddy, and Me

My Ninos and Me