Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Dinner FUN!

We went to eat tonight with the Cow! Can you guess where that is? If you guessed Chick-Fil-A then you are correct:). Tonight is family night and I like going to see the Cow. I wasn't as friendly with the cow this time as I was before. I still talked to him, but just didn't care to get too close. I had fun watching the balloon man make me an Elmo balloon. Dinner was yummy and I had fun playing in the play area until Mommy and Daddy didn't like how rough the bigger kids were playing. We ended our fun with a yummy ice cream cone. Mommy and Daddy say that as long as I continue to be a good girl they will bring me back to see the Cow again. I love the Cow and all I talk about during the day I know I am going to see him and the days afterwards is the Cow! Enjoy the photos from dinner tonight!
Showing Mommy my Elmo balloon

Sliding down the slide like a big girl

Ice cream is a perfect end to a perfect dinner! (Notice my fingernails are painted. I asked Mommy to paint them this morning before breakfast)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Robert's 6th birthday party fun!

We went to Robert's 6th birthday party today and had fun playing with pool toys, the slide, swings, riding toys, and the TRAMPOLINE! I wanted to do what I saw the bigger kids doing so I started by playing with the water toys in the pool. Daddy taught me how to fill my toy up with water and then shoot the water. We wet Mommy a little bit which was fun. Allison and I had fun on the swingset and even sat in a swing together to play. My favorite part of the party, besides the cupcake, was the trampoline! Rylee who is about 3 weeks older than me is a pro at jumping and she showed me what to do. At first I wasn't too sure, but once I learned what to do, I didn't want to stop! We hope you had a great birthday Robert! Enjoy the photos of our fun afternoon!

Aiming my water toy with Daddy's help

It's fun to shoot water

Jumping on the trampoline with Rylee (As I jumped I would say, jump, jump, jump, jump.....)

Turning a fall into a pose for Mommy

Taking a break from jumping to try out the big wheels

Happy Birthday Robert!

Sharing a yummy cupcake with Nana

Having fun swinging with Alli

Alli joined in the fun of the trampoline

Look at my wild and crazy hair!

Mommy this jumping stuff is FUN!

Family portrait on the big airplane teeter totter with me as the pilot :)

Enjoy this short video clip of the trampoline fun!

Yard work with Daddy is FUN!

Our weather has been great for being outside. Today I helped Daddy as he mowed the grass and worked in the backyard. I love being Daddy's little helper. I like raking leaves, watering the plants, and helping Daddy work on the pool too! Mommy and Daddy hope that I like this as much when I am older and it is one of my chores:). Enjoy the photos.
Two big hands and two little hands make yard work easier

I'm smart and picked the shady spot to work in

This rake is twice my size, but that doesn't stop me from helping Daddy

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday morning routine

For almost a year now, I have been going to my movers and shakers class almost every Saturday. Now that I am 2, my classes start earlier, 8:30am, instead of 10am. Mommy and Daddy wondered about getting me to class on time for the earlier start, but I naturally adjusted my sleep schedule to meet my needs. I usually wake up between 6:30 and 7 in the morning, giving me plenty of time to get ready and eat breakfast before class. When Mommy and Daddy remind me that it is Saturday I get so excited knowing that I am going to class. Lately I have been showing off in class and showing how much I have grown! Today I did handstands against the mats all by myself and I had fun swinging on the bar all by myself. Daddy's job today was to just snap pictures while I showed him all my tricks in class. I can't wait for Nana to take me to my class next weekend when Mommy and Daddy are out of town so I can show her all my tricks. I love Saturday mornings and my movers and shakers class. Enjoy the photos!
Big girl handstand

My funny face when I come down from my handstand

Crawling through the tunnels is easy, but so much fun!

I'm swinging all by myself

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Baby!

I love my baby dolls and I love being a good mommy to them. Everyday I seem to imitate my Mommy more and more. Today I had fun making lunch for my baby and then feeding her. Nana couldn't help but snap some photos of me being a good mommy like my Mommy. Enjoy the photos of me feeding my baby:).
My baby likes to eat with a spoon

Sitting as close as I can to my baby while I feed her

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Allison's First Birthday Party

We celebrated Allison's first birthday today with a fun party at her house! I had so much fun playing on her swing set, running around with the other kids, trying out the jumping castle (I wasn't a big fan of it), and playing with Alli's toys! After singing to Alli, we sang to Daddy, Uncle Kenny, Mommy, and all the April babies at the party! I liked helping everyone blow out the candles. I also enjoyed sticking my finger in the cake. I helped Alli open her presents and had fun playing with her new toys. The photos below will show you which toy we enjoyed the most! Alli and I took a bath and both of us fell asleep pretty quickly! What a fun filled day! I love my cousin Alli and loved helping her celebrate her birthday! Enjoy the photos!
Alli and Grammy Linda. Alli started her party with a bottle of milk.

Looking outside at all the people

Is anyone watching me?

Uncle Kenny and Alli in the jumping castle

Alli flying through the air and loving it!

Do you see my right hand reaching for the cake? Mommy moved the cakes back just enough so that I couldn't reach them.

Trying to hit the beach ball like the big kids who were playing volleyball with it.

I love slides!

I saw other kids climb the wall so I knew I could climb it too!

Climbing in a dress and sandals make it a little more tricky to climb

I didn't let my wardrobe stop me from reaching the top!

I made it to the top and did this a couple of times today!

Peeking out the window like Elmo on my dress! Thanks Grammy Linda for my adorable Elmo dress!

I like being bigger and being able to look over something

Melisa being a kid at heart climbed up the wall

Can't get enough of the slide!

Having fun on the glider with Robert

Swinging on the big kid swing (Mommy was a little nervous, but I held on tight)

Dragging my feet like the big kids (notice Mommy put tennis shoes on me)

Playing in the fort with Natalie

More fun with Natalie as I hang from the wooden beam

Hanging and swinging like a monkey!

The serious side of me:)

The line to hit the pinata

Uncle Kenny helping Allison hit her ladybug pinata that her Nina Renee made

Mommy helping me hit the pinata

I have a lolli pop in my hand and am satisfied while the other kids are trying to get as much candy as they can

Pop pop in my mouth and a candy bag in my hand = Happy Little Girl

Uncle Michael and Mommy with Alli and Me and our yummy lolli pops :)

My Nina Karen and Me (still sucking on the same lolli pop)
Happiness is....birthday cake on your face and hands

Helping the April babies blow out the candles

Daddy let me put my fingers in this cake too:)

Playing inside is fun too!

Excited to see Alli open her presents

Alli loves bags and pulling stuff out of them, especially presents

I love this drum and music set that Alli received

I showed off some great drumming skills tonight!

Allison played the drum too

Walking around playing music for everyone

This is how Alli ended her evening in Grammy Linda's arms after our bath

After bath, Daddy read me a book on the couch and this is how I ended my fun day before driving home