Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More pictures of those who like to hold me

My Great Grandma Bolle (Mommy's grandma)

My Grandpa Hurley (Daddy's daddy)

My Grandma Hurley(Daddy's mommy)

My Nina Dia ( Mommy's aunt)

My Nina Nina(Mommy's Nina)

Again, there are so many people I have met in the past two weeks that I had to show you in more than one post. I know that whenever someone besides mommy or daddy are holding me that I am giving mommy and daddy a little break. They appreciate all the people who support them and help them out.

Who wants to hold me next?

My Uncle Kenny (Mommy's brother)

My Favorite Aunt Stacie (Mommy's sister-in-law)

My Nana(Mommy's mommy)

Dr. Valenzuela(Mommy's doctor)

My Uncle Paul(Daddy's brother)

Mommy and Daddy have so many family members and friends that have come by to visit me. Everyone likes to hold me and I like it too. Sometimes I ask people to take a number and get in line.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My grandpa, my photographer

It is hard to get my grandpa to take a picture because he is often too busy taking everyone else's picture. My grandpa hasn't put his camera down since I have been born. I know that my mom will have many scrapbooks for me because my grandpa catches everything I do on camera. The pictures are endless and I am only 2 and half weeks old.

My proud parents

My mommy and daddy are very proud to show me off to the world. They think that I am perfect!

My first bath

I wasn't sure what they were doing to me.

I had a lot of hair for them to wash.

I am not sure about the spiked hair-do.

My dad went with me to the nursery where they gave me my first bath. Daddy said he made sure they treated me like a princess. Daddy says that I didn't fuss too much when getting bathed. After my bath, the nurse spiked my hair. The nurse says that all boys get their hair combed over and girls get their hair spiked.

My birthday

I was born On March 19th at 7:08am. Mommy tells me that she had a pretty easy delivery. Minutes after I was born I was very alert. Everyone is amazed at my alertness. I have a lot of hair, which is much different than how mommy looked as a baby.