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Photo of the week!
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Outdoor Springtime Fun!

Uncle Paul gave me a ladybug sprinkler for my birthday and Mommy thought the weather was perfect today to try it out! I wasn't too sure about the sprinkler at first. Mommy didn't bother to put my bathing suit on which also might have been a reason I didn't just run right through the water. I did think it was a cool idea though and I am ready to try it again. I also asked Mommy to let me test the pool water today. Mommy told me it was cold, but I still liked dipping my feet in it! Our weather has been perfect for playing outside and I hope it continues! Enjoy the photos from our outdoor fun this afternoon!
Looking over the patio wall to see what happens when Mommy turns the water on and the hose is connected to the ladybug. (Mommy loves the curiosity pictures)

I think I'll run by the water instead of running through it

Now I'll run back to the porch

Okay, I'll put my hands out to test the water

The water feels good on my hands:)

I can feel the water over here too!

Curiosity is setting in so I will take a few steps closer to the water

I'm trying to catch the water now!

It is also fun to just sit on my sandbox and watch the sprinkler water the grass

Mommy had just dipped my feet in the water so I could feel how cold it was. I can't wait for it to warm up a little. When Mommy asks what I will do when I am in the pool, I answer, "kick, kick, kick!"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday March Babies!

Today we celebrated the March Birthdays in the family, Nina Nina's, Nina Karen's, Aunt Stacie's, and Cousin Amie's. We all gathered at our house and enjoyed yummy food, cake, and the awesome weather! Allison and I had a blast playing outdoors and helping the March babies blow out the candles! March is a busy birthday month for us and April is too! Enjoy the photos from today's party!
Chilling in my beach chair after just waking up from a nap

Allison is ready to practice softball again. She and the bat are almost the same size!

Nothing better than practicing softball wearing a dress and crocs!

Best teammates!

Taking a break to swing with Aunt Stacie

Allison letting me know that it is practice time, not swing time :)

Taking another break to slide down the slide

Flying like an airplane in my dress

Crash landing!

Aunt Stacie took us on a short bike ride with her new carrier for us!

Best buddies going for a ride together!

Checking out Aunt Stacie's bike which is much bigger than my tricycle

Helping blow out the candles! Happy Birthday Nina Nina, Nina Karen, Aunt Stacie, and Cousin Amie!

Meet my new friend, the gecko

Last night while Mommy was at her Bunco party, Daddy, Uncle Paul, and I went shopping at Toys R' Us! I came home with a new white board/chalkboard, sidewalk chalk, and a gecko! Daddy told Mommy that I saw the gecko as soon as we walked into the store and I carried it with me the rest of the night! In fact I even fell asleep with it last night! This morning as we were getting ready for church, I was all dressed up and made sure my gecko was by my side. I showed the gecko to my Mommy and she snapped a few pictures! Mommy isn't too excited about gooey animals, but I am so she has to get over it! Enjoy the photos of me all dressed up with my gecko!
Look Mommy, it's a gecko

This is the gecko's belly Mommy

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bucket of Fun!

Keeping my toys in big tubs or buckets helps keep things a little neater! When Mommy first introduced me to my big blue toy bucket I was only 10 months old. I thought it was fun to get in the toy bucket then and I still do now! I have learned that when the bucket is full of toys I can use it as a stepping stool. I also like to tip the bucket over to get all the toys out, but Mommy isn't such a fan of that! The other day Mommy heard me coming to her in the kitchen and when she looked up I was walking with the toy bucket over my head and all Mommy could see were my pink pants. Mommy quickly turned the camera on to take a picture, but I was quicker than her. It was the cutest thing according to Mommy and she is waiting for me to do it again so she can catch a picture! Being a toddler, I like to play all day! Enjoy the photos below of where Mommy caught me playing today!
January 2009 - first time in the bucket March 2009- same bucket with a big girl in it!

So much fun to sit on my toys in the bucket and play

Sitting and playing on the fireplace seat is another favorite spot of mine

Giving Mommy a big cheesy smile

Mommy caught me in the middle of blowing her fishy kisses

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Future softball players?

Our weather is perfect for playing outdoors in the afternoon. After I wake up from my nap, Mommy usually is home and takes Allison and I outside to play. Nana and Nina Nina Dia like to be outside too! Today Aunt Stacie came home in time to play and we decided to practice our softball skills with my new bat and ball. Aunt Stacie is our coach! Who knows, maybe softball is in our future. Enjoy the photos!
Caitlin is up to bat!

Aunt Stacie helps me get in the right position

Good swing, just a little too late:)

Allison is up to bat and I am the pitcher

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Learning how to play 45's

My Grandpa loves antiques! He is always finding me really unique antique toys. Mommy and Daddy don't like to think of this toy as an antique, because they had one, but the truth is what it is! Today Grandpa showed Allison and Me how to play music on small records known as 45's. The record player is a Winnie the Pooh player, which Mommy loves. Allison and I don't know anything about antiques, but we think it is cool to put the round discs on the player, put the needle down, and the result is music! Thanks for the fun toy Grandpa! Enjoy the photos!
Sitting with my hands together excited to listen to the music

Showing Allison a 45

I want to play this one next, Grandpa

It's Disneyland music!

Happy Birthday Aunt Stacie and Cousin Amie!

Today is a special day for Aunt Stacie and Cousin Amie! Aunt Stacie turns 30 today and Cousin Amie turns 20! We can't wait to celebrate with you on Sunday! We hope you both have a fabulous day! Cousin Amie, I need an updated picture with you! Aunt Stacie, thanks for all the things you do with me! Below are a few photos of Aunt Stacie and Me from today!
Aunt Stacie is ready for ther camera, but I am being silly!

Now I'll let you see my eyes, but not my smile:)

Aunt Stacie is the best playmate!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Daddy's basketball banquet

Tonight was Daddy's basketball banquet! We had so much to celebrate this season! Mommy and I are so proud of what Daddy's basketball program accomplished and can't wait for summer basketball and next season to start again. We ate lots of yummy food tonight and had fun celebrating the players' accomplishments. Congratulations again Daddy on a great season! Enjoy some photos from tonight!
The cakes say it all!

Let me see if the cake tastes good....

I see you watching me Mommy!

During the banquet, I would quietly move towards Daddy:)

Smelling the pretty flower Daddy gave me that I already broke off the stem! Notice the chocolate remains on my face too!

Sticking my nose in farther to really smelling the flower!

After awhile I didn't care to sit so I decided that crawling under the tables would be more fun!

When Daddy was presenting, I quietly moved by Uncle Marty to be closer to my Daddy.

Maybe if I hide inside this little window no one will see me! Mommy sees me!