Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Breakfast with Uncle Paul and Grandpa

Daddy is out of town for a basketball tournament so Uncle Paul and Grandpa took Mommy and I out for breakfast this morning. We went to our favorite place, Toni's. All the waitresses make over me there. The owner treats me like I am her granddaughter. I had eggs and a pancake. Mommy cut up my pancake for me, but I liked eating Uncle Paul's pancake better:). Thanks Uncle Paul and Grandpa for starting our morning off great! I went home from breakfast and took a nice long nap:).

Mommy caught me eating part of Unlce Paul's pancake

Uncle Paul and I waved to Mommy for a picture

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Babysitting Allison

Mommy offered to babysit Allison so my Uncle Kenny and Aunt Stacie could go out for a little while. Mommy also offered to watch Angelica since Tia Renee and Tio Martin were going too! Angelica helped Mommy out by entertaining and playing with me most of the time. Nina Nina Dia, Nana, and Poppy came over too so it was kind of like a mini party! We first played inside for awhile. I had fun having a tea party with Angelica and showing her all my toys! Angelica even put all my toys away for me before she left, which Mommy loved! Thanks again Angelica for playing with me and helping me clean up:). Mommy had a blast cuddling Allison and reading to her. After we ate dinner, Angelica, Mommy, and I played outside with my water table and went in the pool. Angelica had a blast jumping off of the diving board. I would cheer her on and point at the diving board for her to do it again. Allison slept on Nina Nina Dia while everyone watched us swim. Thanks to Miss Amy and Corinna, Mommy and I have a few favorite songs that we sing in the pool. We taught Angelica our songs. Mommy is going to try and catch some of it on video soon to post. Enjoy the photos from today!

Smiling while waiting for Mommy to get Allison out of her car seat

Playing with Angelica and giving Elmo a ride on the train

Mommy read to Allison while she followed along

Allison's always happy with her Aunt Patti

Surf's Up - modeling my new swimsuit

Singing the monkey and alligator song (I love to move my arms like the alligator)
Getting ready to jump to Mommy so the alligator doesn't eat me :)
Looking happy once I jump to Mommy in the pool
Playing in my turtle float

Our little wet Pebbles:)

Angelica and I had fun splashing each other

Friday, June 26, 2009

Swim and Lunch play date at Robin's

We celebrated Mommy's first day of summer with a fun swim/lunch play date at her friend Robin's house. Mommy worked summer school and it ended yesterday so now she is off until mid August and we can play, play, play! Mommy's friends Laurie, Melissa, and Robin all have kids that are older than me, but I had fun trying to run like them and splash in the pool like them. Andrea and Tanya came too! It was cloudy when we first got in the pool, so when I started to get cold, we got out and ate a yummy lunch! I had fun trying to write with sidewalk chalk and playing with Delaney and Jackson's toys. After playing, we all went in the pool again. We ate ice cream while floating in the pool and Mommy let me taste an ice cream sandwich for the first time. After awhile, I didn't want to be in the pool anymore and I was too tired to play so Mommy and I came home and I took a 3 and a half hour nap! Mommy says that she can get a lot done while I am napping! Mommy and I look forward to having this play date again after everyone is back from their vacations! Enjoy a couple of pictures from today. I clung to Mommy so she wasn't able to take as many pictures today.
Mommy's friends, Andrea, Tanya, Robin, and Laurie

Playing with sidewalk chalk (Mommy wrote my name in chalk)

Happy Birthday Connor!

We want to wish cousin Connor a very Happy 1st Birthday! We hope you have a great day! Sorry that we won't be able to make your birthday party to celebrate with you! Have fun opening your presents! See you soon!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too tired to eat

While eating lunch today, Nana left to pour me some milk and when she came back she found me fast asleep. At first she thought I was playing, but I wasn't. I was sound asleep. You will see in the next three photos how I fell asleep sitting up and slowly nodded off until my head was on my high chair. Nana took me out of the chair and I slept for about 3 hours in my crib! I was just too tired to eat or drink!

My face looks like I might be playing, but I am asleep!

After awhile, my head is too heavy to stay up while sleeping

Resting on the table is perfect for sleeping during lunch

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun with Allison

I love Monday through Thursdays at my house! Nana and Allison come over to eat, sleep, and play! Allison is still too small to run with me, but we already have fun playing together in other ways. One way I play with Allison is to hug and love her while she is in her swing. I like to help push her swing to make her move. I also like to take her blanket off of her while in the swing. I usually get told to put the blanket back:)! When Nana lays Allison in my crib, I like to try and play peek-a-boo with her from all sides of the crib. I also like to push her a blanket through the slots of the crib. Mommy and Nana like having us sit together and take pictures. I am a wiggle worm though and it takes many shots to get a good one. Mommy and Aunt Stacie like to try and dress us alike. Thanks to Grammy Linda we have some matching outfits. I love my cousin a lot and enjoy having her here four days a week. Enjoy some pictures of how we have fun together.

Mommy loves holding Allison and rocking her to sleep

Tummy Time for Allison in my crib

Peek-a-boo, Can you see me?

Allison and my bunny

A photo shoot attempt of the two of us

Thanks for the matching outfits Grammy Linda ( I was giving love to Allison in this picture)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My 15 Month Stats

I went to the doctor today for my 15 month well baby check up! The doctor told Mommy at my last appointment that babies generally don't care for the doctor after they turn a year. Mommy was anxious to see if I would prove the doctor's theory. I actually shocked the nurse and doctor. I didn't try to squirm on the table when getting weighed and measured. Even Mommy was a little shocked as I like to squirm on the changing table all of the time. When the doctor came in the room I talked to him and let him talk to Mommy with no interruptions. When getting checked by the doctor, I didn't fuss either. The doctor told Mommy that my behavior was perfect:). I had to get one shot, but only cried while getting the shot. Once the band aid was on, I was fine. My arm hurt for most of the day and a little the following day, but I managed to keep playing and being an active little toddler! My 15 month stats are 31 1/8 in. for height which is in the 75 percentile and which also means that I measure more than half my Aunt Stacie's height:)! I weigh 22.5 lbs which is in the 25-50 percentile. The doctor said my height and weight are right where he would want them to be! I received another book at the doctor's office and left with a smile. I don't know why other kids might not like their doctor, but Mommy and I really like mine! Enjoy some pictures of how Mommy dressed me for my visit today.

Standing like a cheerleader again and looking like a toddler :)
My hair is in the in-between stage which can be frustrating for Mommy, but fun for me:)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy, my Poppy, and my Grandpa! I want to wish my Uncle Kenny a very Happy 1st Father's Day too! We drove home from San Diego today so we celebrated with my Grandpas with a dinner on Wednesday at Mama Louisa's. Before we checked out of the hotel this morning, Mommy and I gave Daddy his cards and presents! I love my Daddy very much and feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Hope you had a great day Daddy!

Daddy and I read his card together and looked at the drawings I made for him :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Diaper Fun!

When we got back to the hotel tonight, I was sound asleep. As Mommy and Daddy tried to quietly change me and put my pj's on, I woke up and became a sudden ball of energy! Mommy, Daddy, and Nina Nina Dia blamed the ice cream for this! I decided to spread out the clean diapers and play with them. I even thought it would be funny to put the diaper on my head. I made Mommy, Daddy, and Nina Nina Dia laugh and then I would laugh. This continued for a good thirty minutes. I still didn't act like I was ready for bed. Everyone else was ready for bed. They turned all the lights off and didn't make a peep to finally convince me that it was bed time. I slept through the night and slept in the next morning so there were no complaints. This was another one of my funny laughing episodes that cycles as I make people laugh and then laugh more! Playing with clean diapers can be fun! Enjoy the photos!

Strutting around as I spread out the diapers

Look at me silly face as I laugh at the diaper

Do diapers belong on my head? - Noooooo:)

Seaport Village

After dinner in Old Town and walking around, we went to Seaport Village to do some more walking around. As we drove into the parking lot, I made sure that Mommy, Daddy, and Nina Nina Dia knew that I had seen the carousel. They promised me we would ride it. We walked around the shops first. Mommy and Daddy bought me a fun wooden puzzle in the wooden toy store! We could have spent hours playing in that store. As we walked near the carousel, I tried to jump out of the stroller. I kept waving at the carousel horses and talking to the ride. Mommy tried to capture a little of it on camera for you. My first time on this carousel was last year and I was only four months old. Click on the link to compare what I looked like a year ago at Seaport Village. A year ago I was a little anxious about riding, but not now! I couldn't wait to get on the horse and ride! After we rode the carousel, Mommy, Daddy, and Nina Nina Dia had ice cream and walked around a little more. Everyone shared their ice cream with me. Once the ice cream was done, it was time to go back to our hotel. What another fun and busy day in San Diego!

Yes I am tired, but never too tired to ride the caorusel

Daddy and I having fun riding on the carousel

I can be serious if I want to be :)

MMM... ice cream

Enjoy the short clip of my reaction as we got close to the carousel!

Dinner in Old Town

After Daddy's two games today, we said goodbye to his players and coaches as they left back to Tucson, and we enjoyed a nice dinner at Rockin' Baja in Old Town! Mommy, Daddy, and Nina Nina Dia say it is a tradition to eat there when in San Diego. After dinner, we walked around a few of the shops in Old Town. I had fun dancing to the beat of the Peruvian music that was being played by two musicians. It was fun to have Daddy to ourselves for the evening! Enjoy the photos!

Daddy and I at dinner (One of Mommy's favorite photos)

Writing a thank you note to our nice waiter

Dancing to the fun music :)

Point Loma University

Daddy's basketball team played 4 games at Point Loma University over two days. The campus was beautiful and overlooks the ocean. In between games, I loved playing outside on the soft green grass and loved climbing up and down the stairs on the campus. I did my best to stay awake the whole time, but both days I surprised Mommy and took a nap in my stroller! I slept through the noise of two basketball games occurring at the same time. I am like Mommy so if I am tired, nothing will wake me up. Daddy's team won 3 of the 4 games and ended as the number 2 team for the weekend! Daddy's team is having a great summer and Mommy and I are proud of how well they are playing. Daddy's players and coaches went home on Saturday evening, but we spent the night and came home on Sunday.
Running and playing in the soft grass.
Taking a snooze during one of Daddy's games (in my stroller)!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun at Mission Beach

After Daddy's two games today, we went with the team to Belmont Park in Mission Beach. As we walked into the amusement area, I saw the carousel right away and started pointing at it! Mommy and Daddy knew what I wanted to ride. I watched Mommy and Daddy ride the roller coaster and then we all went on the carousel! I am becoming a pro at riding the carousel. I know how to sit correctly and where to place my hands during the ride. Daddy still holds on to me. After our ride, we went and ate at a little restaurant nearby. Then we walked the boardwalk. I liked it when Daddy let me ride on his shoulders. I also liked playing with Maggie, the daughter of one of the coaches. Today was long for me so Mommy, Nina Nina Dia, and I went back to the hotel while Daddy and his team stayed out longer playing in the ocean and eating pizza:). Enjoy pictures from the evening.

Pointing the carousel out to Daddy

Mommy, Daddy, and I riding the carousel (notice I am trying to figure out what makes my horse move up and down)

Leaning back with Daddy to watch the U.S. Open results for the day

Riding on Daddy's shoulders gives me a different perspective on the boardwalk

Maggie and I on the boardwalk (my face lets Mommy know that I am ready for bed)

15 months old!

I am 15 months old today! Mommy will have new stats for you when she takes me to the doctor next week! Mommy and Daddy are enjoying my toddler age thus far. I am very active and keep everyone on their toes. I love to climb anything and am not afraid of anything. If there is an electrical outlet, I am sure to find it. If there is a lamp the is plugged in, I am happy to unplug it. Nana thinks that maybe I want to be an electrician like my Poppy. I love the outdoors. If outside, I love swinging, playing with my water table, trying to swim, or helping water the plants. The best part about watering the plants is that I get as wet as the plants:). I am signing more and trying to talk more. Books are still a favorite. I love to pick out a book and take it to anyone near me to read it. Some of my favorite books right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and the fun puzzle books. I love being Nana's little helper when she takes care of my baby cousin Allison. I like trying to help feed her and hold her. I love going into my room and pulling out clothes from my dresser. I am getting a little better at putting the clothes back when asked. When it comes to food, my favorites are fruit, cheese, chicken, pasta, and rice. I am willing to try anything, but I am good at letting you know right away if I like it or not. All in all, I am still Mommy and Daddy's adorable and happy little girl! I am growing too fast in their eyes and I bring a smile to their face at all times! Look for my stats to be posted in a few days!
15 months old and looking cute as can be

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Longest Pier in North America

When we arrived in San Diego tonight, we met Daddy and his team at the hotel. We then changed into some warmer clothes and went to the Ocean Beach Pier. This is the longest pier in North America. Before walking the pier, we stopped and bought ice cream. I tried tasting Nina Nina Dia's chocolate ice cream, but I really didn't care for it. Maybe I will be like Mommy and not care for chocolate:). While walking the pier, we saw lots of people fishing off the pier. They were serious fishers too. They used glow sticks as bobbers to help see where they had cast their line. One guy caught a sand shark and an octopus. He had the shark on the pier for us to get a closer look. He kept the shark on a rope and kept him in the water until he was ready to take him home. Mommy asked how he would take it home and he said, just like you see it. The octopus was kept in a bucket. There were young and old people fishing. One little boy about 6 years old couldn't wait to show us the fish that he had caught. Even though Mommy dressed me warm, the weather wasn't as cold as we thought it would be. I was definitely tired after the car ride and the walk on the pier. I fell asleep on Mommy's shoulder walking back to the car and stayed asleep until the next morning. Enjoy the pictures from the pier!

All bundled up wondering where we are going!

I have more ice cream on my chin than in my mouth (look at my face, I didn't care for the ice cream)

Mommy and I on the pier

The Sand Shark someone caught

San Diego Bound

Mommy, Nina Nina Dia, and I left this afternoon for San Diego to meet up with Daddy and his basketball team. We had to leave after lunch because Mommy had to work in the morning. Daddy and Mommy thought it would be a good idea to take the portable DVD player for the ride. I slept almost all the way to Yuma! After stopping for me to stretch in Yuma, Nina Nina Dia and I watched Elmo in the backseat. I was amazed that Elmo was playing right in front of my face. For almost 2 straight hours, I was completely entertained and didn't care that I was on a long car ride! Nina Nina Dia and Mommy loved my facial expressions! Mommy needs to buy more Elmo DVDs for my future long car trips! Mommy let me know that Elmo only plays during long trips!

It's hard to see the screen in the picture, but Elmo was talking about bugs, bikes, and birds:)