Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Elmo Makes Music!

Today I went to my first stage show, Elmo Makes Music, and I got to see Elmo and all of his friends from Sesame Street. Mommy and Daddy couldn't wait to see the expression on my face when the characters came on stage. I loved pointing at the characters on stage, especially Elmo, clapping my hands, and keeping my eyes focused on the stage during the entire show! We went to the show with Mommy's friends Robin, Jon, Jackson, and Delaney. All of us kids were wearing sesame street characters on our clothes. After the show, we went to Peter Piper Pizza where I got to ride the carousel! This has been a fun weekend and riding the carousels makes it even better! Enjoy the pictures from today!

Smiling while playing before the show started

Delaney looking sweet and Jackson being silly:)

Can you find Elmo?

I can point Elmo out to you!

Daddy and I were clapping to the beat!

Posing while riding the carousel!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Award banquet for my late Aunt Fina

I went to more of Daddy's games today! His team won 5 out of 7 games in two days! Daddy's team beat the number one team in the state, St. Mary's. Mommy and I are so proud of how well Daddy's team is playing! We hope they keep it up throughout the summer! During breaks today, I went shopping with Mommy, Nana, and Nina Nina. I even got to ride the carousel at the mall. I was so tired, that I slept for 2 1/2 hours and Mommy and I missed one of Daddy's games. After the basketball tournament, Mommy, Daddy, and I hurried over to a special dinner. I didn't get to meet my Aunt Fina, but I bet we would have gotten along just fine! My Nina Nina Dia accepted an award on her behalf tonight as she was inducted into the Arizona Hispanic Athletic Hall of Fame. I helped receive the award as Nana was holding me. This was a nice way to end our weekend in Phoenix. I slept all the way home and slept through the night so everyone in the family got some rest!

It's a little dark, but I am with my Nana, Nina Nina Dia, and Nina Nina as we accept the award for Aunt Fina

Playing with Aunt Stacie during the dinner

Look at the camera Aunt Stacie is holding! This is a fun picture!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend in Phoenix

Daddy's team played in a tournament this weekend and we went up to watch! Today we went to three of his four games! Daddy's team won three of their games today! During his first game, I had my first McDonald's Happy Meal, thanks to my Nina Nina. I ate some chicken mcnuggets and some apples! I loved the apples. My first happy meal toy was an airplane with Amelia Earhart. I had fun cheering for Daddy and playing in the hotel room during breaks. The last game of the night was at 9pm. Thanks to Auntie Melanie, I feel asleep in my stroller halfway through the game. Being a fan is hard work! I slept through the night in the hotel which made Mommy very happy! Today was fun and I hope Daddy's team plays well tomorrow.

Checking out my first happy meal box

Playing with my Nina Nina during the game

Who looks more tired?

Having fun in the cool air of the air conditioner. It was time to cool off in hot Phoenix!

Too much basketball for me, sorry Daddy

Happy Birthday Nana and Nina Nina Dia!

A special Happy Birthday to my Nana and Nina Nina Dia! I hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year! I love you both and thank you for all you do for me!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Basketball and Stars

I love to play with the real basketballs that Daddy brings home. Tonight Daddy showed me how to dribble the ball. I like trying to pick it up, dropping it, and then pretending to dribble it. If you ask me how to dribble the ball, I will show you with my hands, but I havent mastered the motion with an actual ball yet. After Daddy showed me some pointers, we went outside and I pointed the stars and the moon out for Daddy. I love pointing out objects in the sky. If it is dark and I am outside with you, I will point out the moon for you, or la luna:). I play with Daddy in the evenings since he is gone during the day! No matter when we play though, we have fun!

Daddy says to dribble with one hand, but I try to use both hands:)

Looking at the moon and stars as I point them out to Daddy

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy 3rd Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!

Three years ago today, Mommy and Daddy were married. I wasn't there, but everyone shows me pictures of their wedding day! Mommy and Daddy celebrated their anniversary in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. They went to dinner tonight at Pinnacle Peak because that is next to where their reception was. Thanks to Nana, Poppy, and Grandpa Corkey who took care of me while Mommy and Daddy went to dinner! Below is our family self-portrait taken before they left for dinner!
Happy Hurley Family!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer basketball is back!

I went to Daddy's first summer league basketball games today. Mommy knew that going to games this year would be different from last year because I don't just sleep in her arms during games. Check out what I looked like last year at Daddy's games. Aunt Stacie dressed me in my pink converse shoes for the games. I loved walking around in them! Everyone commented on how stylish I looked! Thanks Aunt Stacie and Uncle Kenny for the fun shoes! I loved cheering for Daddy and playing in the soft grass while waiting for him after the game! I may be bigger this year, but I am still Daddy's smallest fan! I will keep you posted on how his team does during the summer! Go Panthers!

Showing off my new shoes!

Playing with Grandpa Corkey during the game

Playing in the grass in my new pink shoes!

Pointing at the clouds in the sky, while wearing my new pink shoes:)


This is my new favorite thing to do! Unfortunately, I like climbing on things I shouldn't, like the fireplace. Nana caught me today and took pictures to show Mommy and Daddy when they got home. Nana watched me carefully so I wouldn't fall and after the pictures told me I am not supposed to be up there. I am pretty good at listening, but sometimes I forget that the word no means not to do it:). Here are some pictures of climbing on things I shouldn't.

I wonder what's behind the screen

Watching my step very carefully

Proving I can climb on both sides of the screen

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sparkling ears!

A big thank you to Nana for getting my ears pierced today! Mommy's ears were pierced 32 years ago on this same day. When Mommy's ears were pierced, she went to the doctor to get it done. Doctors don't prefer doing it anymore so we went to the mall to have it done. Mommy had wanted to do it sooner, but because I had surgery to remove the eartags, the doctor advised that we wait at least 6 months. I watched the ladies intensely as they got everything ready for my ears. Daddy held me and Mommy stood very close by. Lucky for me, both ears were pierced at the same time! Daddy had to hold my arms down and my head back. There are pictures below. I didn't mind being held down, but I cried as my ears were pierced. After they cleaned my ears, Daddy quickly took me outside of the store and gave me a juice bottle! I was a champ just like when I get shots. I cried, but was feeling fine within minutes. I have yet to pull on my ears :). I now have sparkling ears like my Mommy. After we left the mall, everyone came over for a cookout and my ears didn't seem to bother me at all! I had a great time playing and making lots of funny faces while drinking water from Daddy's glass. Enjoy the photos!

The before shot as I watch the ladies at the store get everything ready

Thanks Daddy for holding me

That didn't feel too good, but at least it all happened at once!

Juice makes everything better

The after shot of my sparkling ears

Acting silly tonight while drinking water from Daddy's glass

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Daddy's All Star Game

Daddy has been recognized for being a great coach this year and today he got to coach the all star basketball game on the same court where the Phoenix Suns play. He was selected by the Arizona Basketball Coaches Association to coach the sophomore and junior all stars. Mommy and I are so proud of Daddy! It was fun to see him walk out on the big court and coach. Nana, Mommy, Uncle Paul, Grandpa Corkey, and Grandma Edie went up to watch the game. Nana, Mommy, and I went early to do a little shopping first. I loved the mall because there were balloons and a carousel! Thanks to Grandpa, I rode on the carousel twice. It was a fun day. Mommy took her camera, but forgot to put the battery in it. A big thanks to Uncle Paul who had his camera! Enjoy the pictures.
Getting the ticket to ride the carousel
Mommy and I having fun on the carousel
Look at me holding on like a big girl

I loved watching all the lights at the arena, especially the words that were constantly moving in a circle in the center of the arena.

Smiling and having fun on Nana's lap at the game

My shirt reads, "Honk if you think I'm cute :)" I am holding a fist full of goldfish in my right hand as I walk towards Uncle Paul

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

14 Months Old!

I am 14 months old today! Mommy and Daddy find me doing new tricks everyday! I love to walk and explore anything possible. If there is a button I can push, I will find it! I love to push the remote buttons and the t.v. buttons. Even if there are obstacles in my way, I can find a way to climb over them or push them out of the way to get to the t.v. buttons. I am not supposed to touch the t.v. and am doing better at staying away from the buttons. I am still a VERY HAPPY baby! I rarely am upset, unless I am really tired. I sleep through the night and wake up cheery in the morning. Some days I take two naps and other days, I only take one! I am signing more words each day. I am also good at walking Mommy and Daddy to a specific place and pointing at what I want! I love to have books read to me. I especially like to pick out the book by myself first! When I hear music, I start to dance. In the car, I even bop my head up and down to the beat! Mommy can't wait for my Movers and Shakers class this summer. Bathtime is still one of my favorite things! I like splashing the water and playing with all of my bath toys. I am interested in climbing. I like to try and climb on my chair or my bench. Nana took a picture of me yesterday standing on my bench! I am a pretty good little eater. I will taste anything at least once, but I am good at letting you know if I don't like it. Chicken is one of my favorite foods! I have nine teeth and one more is on it's way as I write this. I love to brush my teeth every morning and night. I always point to the little finger brush and paste for Mommy and Daddy to brush my teeth. I LOVE shoes! If Mommy's shoes are visible, I am sure to carry them into the room. Lately, I have been trying to put shoes on by myself. I still need help though. If someone asks me if I am ready to go, I will walk into my room and come out with a pair of my shoes to be put on. This always makes Mommy smile. I am definitely a toddler, but Mommy and Daddy still call me their baby girl. I can babble with anyone. I say mama, dada, and up! I like to walk into the room and say "iya." Mommy and Daddy think this is my version of hi. These past 14 months have flown by and Mommy and Daddy are so proud of what a great baby I have been and excited to see what their happy little girl will do next! Enjoy some pictures from today!

Yes, I am standing on my bench that I climbed by myself!

Standing at Mommy's office door wanting to get out when I visited her at work today

Showing Daddy my new wooden caterpillar at dinner

Meet my newest toy, my Rody. Thanks to cousin Rick and Cheryl, I picked this toy out with the gift certificate you gave me!

Bouncing on my Rody!

Trying on Mommy's shoes while she gets my bath ready

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meet my first pet, Dorothy

Elmo has a pet goldfish named Dorothy and now I have one too! Daddy has been wanting to get me a pet goldfish for awhile and today we did it! Mommy, Daddy, and I went to the pet store to pick out Dorothy. I loved the pet store. Everywhere I looked, I could see dogs, fish, and many other animals. I walked right up to the fish tank and pointed at all the goldfish swimming around. Mommy and Daddy picked out a goldfish that looks just like Elmo's goldfish. We bought some pretty colored rock for the bottom of the fish bowl and a turtle statue so that Dorothy wouldn't get lonely in his fish bowl. Daddy and I are going to take care of Dorothy together. Dorothy will live in my room, but I can't reach the bowl without help. My Ninos came over after we brought Dorothy home and I couldn't wait to show them my new friend. I will keep you posted on how Dorothy is doing. Enjoy the photos from today!

Look at all those fish!

Can we get one Daddy?
Shopping for accessories for Dorothy's bowl
Pointing at the doggies who were playing in a room at the store

Putting the fish bowl together with Daddy

Watching Daddy take Dorothy out of the plastic bag and putting her in the bowl

I then reached for the fish food to feed Dorothy

Daddy and I watching Dorothy swim around and eat