Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
3 year photo shoot

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Miniature golfing

Daddy and I dropped Mommy off at the airport this morning because she is attending a conference in California for the next five days. Daddy and I will miss Mommy, but we have some fun activities planned. Mommy didn't care what we did, but told Daddy to snap lots of photos! After the airport, Daddy and I went to ToysR'Us and did a little shopping. Uncle Paul and Grandpa met up with us. After shopping we went to Golf N' Stuff and tried out my miniature golfing skills for the first time. I had a blast at Golf N' Stuff. I loved the little houses because they were just my size. I also liked eating popcorn and sharing it with the ducks. Playing the arcade games was fun too! After golfing we had a yummy lunch and then went home for a nice nap! What a fun filled day Daddy and I had! Sorry you missed out on the fun Mommy!

Riding the car with Mickey at Toys R' Us

Daddy and Me

"I got the ball in the hole! YAY!"


Taking a little popcorn break with Grandpa and Uncle Paul

Sharing my popcorn with the ducks

Ducks like popcorn too!

Back to golfing lessons with Uncle Paul

So happy that I dropped my club and ran to Daddy

Caitlin sized houses are perfect!

Grandpa and Me in front of the pirate ship, "Aargh!"

Hole #18

Daddy and I working as a team

Watching to see where our ball goes

Getting caught climbing over the rails of the house

These houses are just my size. This is a great viewpoint to watch Grandpa and Uncle Paul golf!

Playing Mommy's favorite game, Wheel of Fortune

I love whacking the creatures!

Friday, January 28, 2011

C is for Caitlin and Coach

Tonight's Daddy's game was played at Cholla. As soon as we got off the car, I ran to the big C and told Mommy that I needed to take my picture sitting on the C because C is for Caitlin! Mommy was happy that I recognized the first letter of my name and happy that I wanted my picture taken! During the game I had fun playing with my Ninos who came to cheer on Daddy and his team. After our big win, I told Daddy about the big C outside and we took another photo together because C is for Caitlin and coach! My Daddy is the best coach ever!

C is for Caitlin


So happy to be licking my lollipop

C is for Caitlin and Coach!

Little Miss Lumberjack

Grandpa and Poppy have been working hard at GG's house to get it ready for her to move in. Today they worked on removing a big tree stump in the backyard. Allison and I went over with Nana to investigate and help out. The stump was too BIG for just one person to remove. I tried to help Grandpa, but I was better at cheering him on. Look at the photos below to see just how big tree stumps can be. I love working in the yard with my Grandpas!

Me, Grandpa and the tree stump!

Thumbs up!

Holding the stump to help Grandpa

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kisses for quarters

Tonight while Grandpa and Uncle Paul were visiting I started a new entrepreneurship! For every kiss I gave Grandpa, he gave me a quarter! Grandpa left feeling lots of love and I had a heavy piggy bank by the end of the night! I think me idea is a good one!

Kissing Grandpa for another quarter

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cheering with Poppy and Grandpa

We had three basketball games this week and I love it! I love cheering in the stands! tonight I wanted to sit with Poppy and Grandpa to cheer! I have the best Poppy and Grandpa in the world. They also share yummy treats with me which is fun! Daddy's team is still on a winning streak and is number one in their region! Go PANTHERS!

Grandpa, Poppy, and Me - Mommy loves this photo because the three of us our looking in three different directions

Poppy and Grandpa like to make a Caitlin sandwich

Monday, January 17, 2011

Daddy's Big Game at McKale

Tonight Daddy's team in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Classic at McKale. Daddy's team played at McKale last year, but this time his game was the headliner game and so the crowd was big! Daddy's team played Palo Verde and beat them pretty easily. It was a fun evening to watch Daddy coach on the same floor where the UofA plays. Mommy and I are so very proud of Daddy and his team. We still have another month of season games before the state tournament starts. Stay tuned........

Wherever I go, my baby goes too!

A couple of things to notice in this photo......Mommy gave me a manicure today and my baby's bottles make fun eyeglasses

Daddy is in the middle of the huddle drawing up a plan for his boys

Walking with my Daddy at the end of the game to shake hands with the other team

Me and my Daddy under the bright lights of McKale

Sunday, January 16, 2011

GG's 90th Birthday Bash

We celebrated GG's 90th birthday tonight with a dinner party at the Viscount Suites Hotel! Just as the party was getting on its way, 3 police officers walked through the party to look out the windows of the room we were in. An officer informed us that there was a suspicious black bag that might have explosives in it. The Bomb Squad was called out to check the components of the bag. We were asked to evacuate the area until the bag had been checked out. We were moved in Wilbur's Bar in the hotel. During this time everyone mingled with each other and we decided to roast GG. Mommy and Uncle Kenny gave GG items that she would need for her new house. We gave her crackers for Allison and Me, everyone's favorite type of cookie, and even an open/closed sign when she was tired of visitors. Allison and I had fun putting GG's gifts in the big blue bucket, that will be used as our toy box at GG's new house. I was getting hungry during this time and more than once pulled Mommy aside and said, "Mommy, please ask that guy to get my dinner." Mommy thought it was too cute. I snacked on GG's goldfish until we were able to go back into the party room and eat dinner. Nothing explosive was found in the suspicious bag and we were allowed back in the original room. We ate a yummy Italian spread. GG's favorite dessert is lemon meringue pie and was served in her honor. We sang Happy Birthday to GG and Allison and I helped blow out the candles on her birthday cake. We also enjoyed sticking our fingers in the frosting. We had a musician playing for the party which was fun for dancing. At one point Allison and I both danced in Poppy's arms. It was too cute! Not even a bomb scare could keep us from enjoying 90 years of GG. We had a wonderful night and know that GG enjoyed everyone being there to celebrate! Enjoy the photos from the party!

Four generations of Bolle's! Happy Birthday GG! Mommy is amazed that all 9 of us are looking at the camera and we are all smiling!

Allison showing how strings of balloons always make for a fun time at a birthday party

Allison and I were excited to see each other at the party:)

I found the cake right away and tried to taste the frosting

Playing with the coffee stirrers was part of the fun for me

GG holding her balloons and talking to Betty who is going to be moving into her old house!

GG and Melanie

Allison checking out GG's new blue bucket (she was really looking at the bag of goldfish crackers inside the bucket)

Not sure why the camera turned this photo so dark, but Mommy likes are facial expressions

GG listening to our roasts! She doesn't look 90 does she?

GG and Betty

GG and Peggy

GG and the Parscale's

GG and some of her good friends

GG with Nina Nina Dia and Nina Nina

GG and Elisa

GG with Maggie and Tim, her neighbors and Daddy's students

"Happy Birthday GG"

Allison and Aunt Stacie

Dancing with Poppy

"This is fun Poppy!"

Allison and Uncle Kenny

Notice my shoes? I took them off pretty early in the night:)

Allison and I helped GG blow out her candles

Yummy frosting

Allison and I both dancing with Poppy. We couldn't stop laughing.

Dancing with Poppy with frosting on our faces:)

Mommy, Daddy, GG, and Me :)

Daddy caught me as I was taking a bite of the cake

GG and Grandpa at the end of the night