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Photo of the week!
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

After I woke up from my nice long nap, Mommy and Daddy asked me if I was ready to go trick-or-treating and I nodded yes! We jumped into Daddy's truck and headed to Nana and Poppy's house. Mommy told me I had to put my costume on to trick or treat. I didn't complain at all. In fact, I patted my back to show Mommy where to velcro my wings. The only part of the costume I never cared to wear was the hat, but Mommy and Daddy didn't try to force it since I wore everything else! I walked up to their front door acting like I knew just what to do. When Nana and Poppy came out, I put my pumpkin down so they could fill it up! Nana and Poppy filled it with yummy treats and a book! When we left Nana and Poppy's, I decided to snack on my treats and I chose my animal cookies. Mommy checked the box and said it was okay to eat! Next stop was my Nino's house! As soon as Mommy took me out of my car seat, I grabbed my pumpkin from Daddy and headed straight for their front door. I knew the routine. Nino opened the door, I put my pumpkin down so it could be filled and I walked right into their house so I could hug Nina and play with their dog, Buster Brown. Daddy told me that we don't walk into every house that we trick-or-treat at, but this house was okay! My Ninos put yummy treats in my pumpkin and gave me a stuffed jack-o-lantern that was just too big to fit in my pumpkin. I loved playing with my Ninos for a little while. It was then time to head to our last stop, G.G's house. As we arrived at G.G.'s house I kicked my feet because I knew what to do! I walked up to the door with my pumpkin and when G.G. opened the door, I walked right into her house! I gave G.G. my pumpkin and she gave me my book and something special for my piggy bank! We asked G.G. if she wanted to come back home with us and she quickly agreed :)! While G.G. put her shoes on, we walked to the Derksen's house to trick-or-treat. They were surprised when they opened the door and saw me standing and holding my pumpkin for some treats! We visited with them for a little while and I enjoyed sharing a cookie with Melanie and drinking some yummy cranberry juice! We then headed back to our house. I missed trick-or-treating at Nina Nina and Nina Nina Dia's houses, but they were out of town. When we got to my house, I ran to the door with my pumpkin and tried trick-or-treating. I was sure surprised when my Uncle Paul answered the door and gave me some treats! Uncle Paul, Grandpa, Nana, and Poppy helped pass out candy at our house while we were gone. I love trick-or-treating and I love being a ladybug! I didn't complain about my costume all day! Once back at home, Aunt Stacie, Uncle Kenny, Allison, Tio Martin, and Tia Renee came over for some yummy pizza and trick-or-treaters. G.G. and Uncle Kenny seemed to have the most fun passing out candy. I liked helping too! I even helped Allison trick-or-treat at our house! We celebrated more than Halloween tonight! When Uncle Kenny came over, he had just some from the racetrack where he had won is drag car race and he had an awesome trophy that stated he was King of the Track! Congratulations Uncle Kenny! What a fun-filled day! I loved every part of it! I still don't feel very well, but I didn't let that stop me from enjoying my second Halloween! Enjoy all the photos!

Waiting patiently for Nana and Poppy to answer the door

Showing Daddy my Mickey Mouse Pumpkin that we got in Disneyland

Watching Nana carefully to see what goodies she puts in my pumpkin

Being a ladybug is hard work. It's time for a trick-or-treating snack!

Let's go Mommy, I have more houses to stop at! (this is one of Mommy's favorite photos)

Pointing at Nino when he opened the door

Ladybugs love to play with doggies

Being silly with my Ninos

Posing for my Ninos as they take pictures

Little ladybugs like to play the piano

Ready or not, here I come G.G.

I love my treats from G.G.

Mommy caught me eating another snack, raisins, while waiting for the Derksens to answer their door

I held my pumpkin up high so Melanie wouldn't miss it :)

Trick-or-treating at my own house:) (Another one of Mommy's favorite photos)

Uncle Paul filled my pumpkin with yummy treats

I didn't just walk right in to my own house, but it is probably because we don't usually go through the front door.

I checked on all our decorations when we got home. I gave Pooh Bear a special hug tonight for all his work this season.
Our pumpkins this year: Telly Monster, Elmo, and Lightening McQueen

Poppy took my trick-or-treating to the neighbor's house

Playing and making silly faces with my Halloween balloon from Grandpa

G.G. teaching me how to give candy to the trick-or-treaters

Taking a break from the fun for some yummy pizza

Aunt Stacie and her two favorite ladybugs, Allison and Me

Allison came trick-or-treating and I gave her some candy

I gave Allison candy from my own pumpkin

I was too interested to see inside the pumpkin to sit like Allison for a picture. Mommy still thinks this is a cute photo!

As the night went on, I got sillier. I put my princess crown on that I made earlier today so I could be a princess ladybug:)

Mommy caught me in the middle of my trick-or-treat dance

I even tried balancing a pumpkin on my head

Mommy as a flower with her little ladybug niece
This is a short video clip of my trick-or-treat dance. Please don't listen to Mommy singing, just watch my feet. Whenever I heard anyone sing, "trick-or-treat, smell my feet..." I would start tapping my right foot. Mommy, Daddy, and Nana think it is too cute. Mommy tried all day to catch it on her camera and was able to towards the end of the night. Enjoy this short dance!

Ilana's Birthday Party!

After my Movers and Shakers class, we went to Ilana's 4th birthday party. She is the daughter of one of Mommy's friend, Celia. Many of the kids showed up in costume so I of course was excited to keep my ladybug costume on(remember that I wanted nothing to do with the costume yesterday). We had a great time making princess hats, jumping in the jumping castle, hitting the pinata, playing games, making caramel apples, and eating yummy food! I didn't care to try the caramel apple, but I did carry around my own apple and just took little bites over time. I also drank my first juice box today! Usually Mommy dilutes my juice and in the past I haven't really cared for a juice box, but today I wanted to be like the other kids so I drank my own box. Today has been a busy holiday so far and we haven't even gone trick or treating. I went home from the party and took a 2 1/2 nap to prepare for trick or treating. Mommy and Daddy are impressed with how well I seem to be feeling today, maybe this bug is going away! Enjoy the photos from the party!
The birthday girl, Ilana as Batgirl
Ladybugs like apples

Mommy helped me make a princess crown

Playing in the jumping castle

It got hot, so Mommy and Daddy decided to take my costume off. I tried to hang with the big kids in the jumping castle :)

Trying to put on the silly glasses I won

Ladybugs love drinking their very own juice box!

I was more interested in the gooey skeleton than the pinata candy

Ladybugs need exercise too!

Happy Halloween Morning! I haven't felt well since Sunday evening. Last night Mommy and Daddy took me to take Halloween pictures with Allison, but I wanted nothing to do with my costume, the photographer, or the camera. I just wanted to be held! Mommy and Daddy knew that I was acting the way I did because I just didn't feel well. They wondered how I would wake up this morning. I woke up seeming better and when they asked me if I wanted to go to Movers and Shakers class, I nodded yes. Mommy asked me if I would wear my costume and I nodded yes. This was a good start to my Halloween and Mommy and Daddy were impressed. When we got to class, Mommy still needed to put part of my costume on and she didn't think I would allow her to, but I proved her wrong! Ladybugs need exercise too and I wore my costume for the entire class time! Woohoo is what Mommy and Daddy thought! Other kids were dressed up too. I had a great time and never complained once about feeling yucky or wanting my costume off. This morning made Mommy and Daddy's Halloween! Enjoy the photos from my exercise class!

Ladybugs love to climb!

Cute ladybugs like me can run too!

Ladybugs like to play with beach balls too

With Daddy's help, ladybugs can walk across the balance beam (on a side note: the little girl in the forefront of this picture is who Mommy thinks might have given me her cold last week)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Gooey pumpkin guts and family make for a fun evening! Poppy made us yummy chili and then it was time to carve our pumpkins! Mommy and Aunt Stacie had stencils to use for their pumpkins. Daddy had a stencil too, but he drew his stencil from scratch. Allison and I didn't do any carving this year, but we helped by playing with the stuff that was scooped out of the pumpkin. Allison actually preferred to play with the newspaper instead of the pumpkins. My nose is still running, but I didn't let it stop me from having fun tonight! Enjoy our photos from a fun evening.

Allison and I with our pumpkins before they become jack-o-lanterns

Grandpa and Me (I was asking where the insides of the pumpkin went)

Uncle Kenny working on his pumpkin while Allison enjoys playing with her Grammy's water bottle

Checking out the inside of the pumpkin with Grandpa

Taking a closer look with Daddy

Playing with the gooey pumpkin stuff

Allison taking a closer look inside the pumpkin

You should try playing with this stuff too, it's fun!

Mommy and Aunt Stacie working hard on their pumpkins

Pointing on the pumpkin where Daddy should put the nose

Mommy's pumpkin, my favorite character, ELMO!

Aunt Stacie's pumpkin, Lightening McQueen