Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Perfect day for the park!

80 degrees and sunny skies make for a perfect day at the park. Nana and Nina Nina Dia were just as excited to go to the park as Allison and Me! We had a great time playing at the park. We fed the ducks popcorn, we climbed all over the playground equipment, we had fun on the swings, and ended our day with a ride on the train. After our hours of fun we came home and ate lunch on the back porch. During lunch Nana discovered that my favorite baby and Allison's Chango (sock monkey) were missing. Nana knew that baby had gone with us to the park, but not Chango. When Nana asked me where my baby was I told her, "I left her at the park." We decided to all get back in Nana's car to look for my baby at the park. Nana found my baby doll laying in the sandbox, just where I had left it. Chango is still a mystery because Allison didn't take him to the park, but we can't find him. It took very little time for Allison and I to fall asleep on the ride back from the park. We took a great nap after such a great day! Thanks Nana and Nina Nina Dia for making our days FUN! We can't wait to go back to the park, but next time "No babies!"

Getting ready to slide down

Allison ready to slide

Stopping to do a little math at the park

Here I am Nana

Allison and Me enjoying our day at the park

Can you name all the animals in this photo?

Best friends at the park (Mommy loves this photo!)

We are ready for our train ride!

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