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Photo of the week!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 3: Last day celebrating at Disneyland

Day 3 at Disneyland!

Today was our last day at Disneyland! Our plan was to be there from open to close. The park opened at 9am today and closed at 8pm so we knew we could handle it!
I'm ready for another day of riding!

Making a special penny with Daddy! I love that I can push the buttons by myself to make the machine work!

First ride of the day: AUTOPIA! I couldn't wait to get in the car and drive!

Mommy rode in the car in front of us so she wouldn't get bumped! You can see my Daddy and if you look closely you can see my little head trying to peek over the steering wheel.

Couldn't wait to ride Buzz Lightyear again! I had fun in our short line and asked Mommy to take my picture next to all the Space Rangers.
Working on the Space Ranger's computer

Pointing just like my fellow Space Ranger

I love this ride!

I took this picture of my Daddy being silly!

"Take my picture over here Mommy. I'm taller than these blocks."

It's only natural to ride the Rockets after Buzz Lightyear! While waiting in another short line, I met another little boy. I quickly told him, "My name is Caitlin. What's your name?"

Waving to the older boy in line

He bent down to my level to talk with me :)

A view from our rocket. You can tell today will be a beautiful day at the park!

When we got off the rockets, Mommy spotted Captain Hook! I wanted to meet the famous pirate.

Daddy, Me, and Captain Hook

The whole family and Captain Hook. Daddy pretended to be a pirate too!

After meeting Captain hook, I met my first princess, Snow White!

Waiting patiently for my turn with the princess

Such a big girl taking a picture with Snow White all by myself!

Two Hurley princesses and Snow White

After a little character time, we decided to go to ToonTown since we hadn't been there yet on this trip! First Stop - Mickey's House!

Testing out Mickey's chair

This birthday cake looks good. Sure wish it was real!

At the end of the house tour we got to meet Mickey!

My big girl status showed again when I wanted a picture with just Mickey and Me!

ToonTown is a perfect place for me! Daddy and I rode the little roller coaster and we also rode Roger Rabbit's ride. We had fun playing too!

Climbing up Chip and Dale's treehouse

Such a strong girl!

After ToonTown I was ready for big rides! We headed towards New Orleans Square!

There was no wait for the Haunted Mansion! We walked right in and I walked into the first room without holding on to Mommy and Daddy! I know how to do this!

Jungle Cruise was a must too!

Smiling as the captain of our ride was talking about me

The captain actually told a joke and everyone laughed so I joined in!

This is the smile I've had for three days in Disneyland! I love all the rides!

I rode the rides in order as to the part of the park we were in. The Tiki Room comes after the Jungle Cruise!

Posing and smiling while waiting for the show to begin. I love the Tiki Room and will sing the songs for you at your request!

After the Tiki Room it was time for our special dinner at the Blue Bayou, the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean! I was so excited to eat there. We were given a table by the water which made our dinner experience perfect!

It's hard to tell because it is dark, but if you look at my right hand I am waving to the people on the boats as they go by. I had so much fun!

We celebrated my birthday early and I had a special dessert!

My birthday dessert had Mickey Mouse sprinkles

Mommy, Daddy, and Me at dinner! It was perfect and I behaved beautifully. Mommy, Daddy, and I have had a perfect trip!

After dinner it was time to ride again until the park closed! I wanted to ride Pirates of the Caribbean after eating there. I had a special bounce in my step after dinner and if you follow the next few photos you can see it's pretty amazing I stayed standing and didn't fall!

In this photo I look like I'm walking normal

Then I decided to add a little crosswalking

Then I started to kick each leg out to the side

I did this little dance walk all the way to the ride

Running up the ramp to the ride since there was barely anyone in line!

We headed back to the other side of the park for the rest of the evening! I was having so much fun I posed for Mommy in front of the castle!

Caitlin and the castle

Making myself as big as possible for the photo

We rode as many rides as we could before the park closed at 8pm. The park at night is always so pretty.

Daddy and Me on the rockets on last time!

Mommy, Daddy, and Me on Dumbo!

We waited for the end of the night to do our shopping! I couldn't wait to go into the big store and pick something out for me and Allison.

Main Street at night! It was if we had the stores all to ourselves!

Someone offered to take a family photo for us! When looked at the photo it seems as though the moon was big and bright in our photo! Actually though, the moon is not in our photo. The spot is from moisture on our camera, but it sure came out in the right spot!

This photo was taken too and you can see the moon, or spot, is gone!

Goodnight Disneyland! Thank you for three fun and glorious days! Next time we are back, I'll be showing my baby brother or sister around!

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