Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Daddy's assembly and a surprise

Today Daddy's school held a special assembly to congratulate the team's State Championship! Nana, Nina Nina Dia, Mommy, and I went to cheer on Daddy and his team! As we walked into the gym we were given glow sticks since all the lights were off in the gym. I had fun playing with the glow sticks and dancing to the music before the assembly started. As we walked into the gym there was a large photo of Daddy's team after they won with the trophy that was projected on the big screen. I was excited to point out to Mommy that I was in the picture too! When the assembly started I cheered with all the high school students!

Dancing with my glow sticks at the assembly

Another photo of the trophy Daddy's team won!

After the assembly, Daddy had a surprise to tell me. I knew that we were going on a trip to watch Daddy's friend coach his boys in a basketball tournament. What I didn't know was the surprise Daddy tells me in the video below:

We drove away from Daddy's school and headed towards CALIFORNIA! Mommy and Daddy decided to drive through San Diego first so that the drive wouldn't seem as long for me. I was perfect on the ride. I slept from Tucson to Yuma. I then played until we stopped to eat dinner at one of our favorite places in San Diego, Rockin' Baja! I was happy to get out of the truck and stretch for awhile. There was a live band at the restaurant and I had fun dancing to the music. The band members even got off the stage to play the guitar right next to me! After dinner we drove to our hotel in Anaheim. I slept on the drive because I knew tomorrow would be a busy day! I can't wait to see Mickey Mouse tomorrow!

Dancing to the beat at dinner!

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