Photo of the week!

Photo of the week!
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day one at Disneyland!

I woke up very excited this morning because I knew we were going to Disneyland! I let Mommy help get me dressed and do my hair so that we could go and have fun! The photos below don't do justice to how big my smile was as we walked through the gates! Our plan today was to spend the day at Disneyland and then leave the park for dinner and a basketball game. Daddy's friend, Ricky, coaches high school basketball here and we are going to cheer him in his championship game. The game is within walked distance from our hotel!

Our first stop was the bakery on Main Street to buy one of our favorite treats, a cinnamon roll! There is nothing better than starting your morning at Disneyland with a hot cinnamon roll! YUMMY!
Strolling down Main Street with Daddy

This might seem like an odd picture because we don't know anyone in the photo. Mommy took this because it is the first time we haven't had to stand in line at the bakery! We knew from this moment that today was going to be a fantastic day!

After our yummy cinnamon roll, fruit, and milk, it was time to ride! Mommy and Daddy let me choose the order of the rides! If you have read my other posts from previous trips to Disneyland, then my first ride choice shouldn't be a surprise!

So happy to be sitting with Daddy on the boat

I pointed out everything to Mommy on the ride

I laughed out loud as I pointed out these "funny guys"

I have Disneyland in my genes! As soon as we got off the ride, I told Mommy and Daddy the ride I wanted to go on next. I wanted to skip and run to the ride!
Skipping with Mommy to....

The Teacups!
Daddy and Me

"Hi Mommy!"

While waiting in line, I always kept Mommy and Daddy entertained.
One of my many silly faces

Practicing with Daddy to stand behind the yellow line

Posing with my snacks while waiting in line

The Carousel is another of my favorite rides!
Daddy and daughter having fun on the carousel

I waved to the crowd the whole ride

As the day went on, Fantasyland got busy with kids so we moved to different lands. I love New Orleans Square!
While waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, we heard music. Daddy held me on his shoulders so I could get a better view!

Walking to our next ride!

After lunch, we stopped to watch a mini parade with Princess Tiana! Princess Tiana is from the movie Princess and the Frog.
Cheers with Daddy while waiting for the parade

I stood by this sign making different poses and told Mommy to take my picture, and so she did!

"I want you!"

One more pose and then the parade started!

The dancers invited me and other kids to be part of the fun. I liked shaking the tamborine to the music and dancing.

Mommy and Me with the Princess as a frog

After the parade we spotted Donald Duck in his Mardi Gras attire. I wanted to say hi to him. I went right up to him and talked to him, but I didn't want to take a picture all by myself with him. Mommy and Daddy joined me for a family photo with Donald Duck. As we left, I blew Donald lots of kisses!
Greeting Donald

Mommy, Donald, Daddy, and Me

Mommy has a baby in her belly which means she can't go on some rides. Mommy and I sent Daddy to ride Indiana Jones' while we climbed Tarzan's Treehouse!
A picture from the bottom of the treehouse

Our day wouldn't be complete if we didn't take time to feed the ducks. I don't mind sharing my popcorn with them!

While feeding the ducks, the Princess Tiana parade passed by us again. I danced to the music and waved to the performers. At the end of the parade, Louie, the Alligator, posed for a photo for us!
Louie and Princess Tiana! Mommy, Daddy, and I sang the songs from the parade for the rest of the day!

We had time to do one more ride before leaving the park for dinner and the basketball game. I wanted to ride the Rockets! I love this ride! Daddy and I rode together, but I took charge of controlling our rocket! We flew really high for the entire ride!
Toddlers know how to find the best little hiding places in Disneyland!

Getting kisses from Daddy while waiting in line

Daddy and I ready to blast off!

Look at us flying high!

After a full day at Disneyland without a nap, I fell fast asleep in the stroller on the way to dinner. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a peaceful dinner while I slept. I stayed asleep until the start of the basketball game. I woke up happy and ready to cheer Ricky's team on to victory!

Ricky's team, Gahr High School, won their championship game. Their win is similar to Daddy's State Championship. We were so excited to be there to cheer on Ricky's team. What a great way to end a fabulous day in Disneyland!
Daddy and Ricky are #1 Coaches!

Walking back to our hotel after the game! Time to rest up for our 2nd day at Disneyland!

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