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Photo of the week!
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day two at Disneyland from open to close!

Day 2 at Disneyland!

This is my fourth trip to Disneyland and something that I think is the best part about visiting Disneyland is the Magic Morning! This is when we are allowed to enter the park an hour early and ride! Fantasyland and Tomorrowland is open during the Magic Morning, which is perfect for the rides I love! I know that this means I can ride and ride without any lines! This is the best hour at Disneyland!

Waiting patiently for our Magic Morning to begin!

Daddy and I can't wait to get in and RIDE!

There aren't too many opportunities to take a picture of the castle without people in front of it! Magic Mornings allowed us to capture the beauty of the castle!

First ride, PETER PAN! This ride always has the longest ride so we made sure to do it first today. There was laready a little line when we got to the ride so Mommy waited in line for us while Daddy and I took in another Fantasyland ride!

Ready to fly to Neverland!

Next flight is on DUMBO!

Mommy and Me ready to fly!

Then it was time for the Mad Hatter Teacups!

Mommy rode her own teacup since she has a baby growing in her belly and didn't need to spin much!

Ready to spin Daddy and I really fast!

It's only natural after you get off the Teacups to ride Alice in Wonderland!

Happy Hurley's having fun on the ride

Next, I told Daddy I wanted to ride the BIG WHITE MOUNTAIN, also know as the Matterhorn! This was my first big roller coaster ride!

Big smiles while waiting in line for the roller coaster!

Daddy and I are all buckled in and ready to ride!

Daddy and I at the end of the ride! My facial expression was better in person. There was a little boy about my age on the ride too!

Daddy and I after the ride! I told Mommy that the ride was fast. I also told Mommy that a big white monster tried to scare us, but "I scared him back!"

Having fun with Daddy as we decide our next ride! We rode It's a Small World next because it is a slow ride:).

It wouldn't be a Magic Morning without a Carousel ride!

Daddy and Me ready to ride our horses!

We rode 12 rides during our Magic hour! Then when the park opened for everyone, we took a little break to eat some breakfast! Of course we ate our favorite cinnamon roll, fruit, and milk while sitting on Main Street and watching the crowd walk by! I was a little tired after waking up early, but after a few bites, I was full of energy again! In fact I danced on Main Street!

I used my straw as my wand to direct the music that was playing while I danced!

Little Main Street dancer

One toddler show!

Marching down Main Street to the music! "Let's go ride!"

Walking on the trolley tracks is always fun!

Just a spoon full of sugar and I am ready to go!

Daddy and I had fun chasing each other in the park as we went to ride Buzz Lightyear and the Rockets!

California Adventure doesn't open until a couple hours after Disneyland. We decided to go to the other park when it opened to ride some of our favorites before lunch!

Our first stop was Toy Story MANIA! Everyone else seemed to have the same idea because when the gates to the park opened, we walked with a large mob of people to the ride. We had to wait about 30 minutes, but the wait was worth it.

Stretching while waiting in line

Daddy and I can see you in 3D

I love that this ride involves us playing a game! It is sooooooo fun!

Next ride was for Daddy, California Screamin'! This is a really big roller coaster that I need to grow another foot before I'll be able to ride. Mommy couldn't ride because of the baby in her belly. Mommy and I watched Daddy blast off on the ride and ate a little snack while waiting!

There's Daddy waving to us before he blasts off! Now you might be wondering who the lady is waving at us too? We don't know. Just a complete stranger they had Daddy ride with!

After watching Daddy, we rode another carousel, but this is King Triton's Carousel and we rode on fish instead of horses!

Mommy and I excited to ride!

Afterwards we rode a few more rides and then ate lunch! During lunch we sat near water and I had fun feeding the ducks and seagulls while eating. I then sat in the stroller and my eyes started to close! I was ready for a nap! Mommy and Daddy were happy because I was working just like they had planned! We went back to our hotel and I took a three hour nap!

This was my napping position for the entire three hours!

As I woke up from my nap, Mommy and Daddy asked if I wanted to go back to Disneyland! I quickly jumped up and said, "let's go!" I put on some warmer clothes and we headed back for a fun night at the park!

We spotted Goofy in Main Street and stopped for a quick photo.

My two favorite Goofs and Me:)

I practiced pushing the stroller down Main Street instead of riding in it!

Our first ride of the evening, The Jungle Cruise!

Daddy and I are ready to cruise!

After a few other rides, it was time for dinner! It was a late dinner, but we knew we were going to be up late! We decided to eat dinner at the Tomorrowland Terrace, which I loved because of the live music that entertained us while we ate.

Dancing to the beat while waiting for Daddy to bring us our dinner

My dancing quickly attracted a little boy who joined in the fun

Disneyland Dancers

After our tummies were full, we spotted a place to watch the fireworks. It started to drizzle on us, but that didn't stop our fun! Mommy saved our space while Daddy and I went to ride the Rockets! That's one of Mommy's Disneyland tricks ~ someone in the party saves seats, while others ride, thus no time wasted:). The fireworks show started while we were on the Rockets so Daddy and I had a great view. We then met Mommy to watch the rest of the show.

Sitting on Daddy's shoulders gives me the optimal view!

What's a great after fireworks snack?.......A Disneyland CHURRO!

Waiting for my turn to order. I ordered and paid for our churro all by myself!

Nothing beats a yummy churro while walking to a ride

YAY for churros!

This could be a churro commercial

There's something about Disneyland at night the makes everything a little more magical! We went on rides that we did earlier and had a great time even with a little sprinkle here and there! Best thing about riding rides through the closing hours is that people start to go home and the lines are SHORT!

Daddy and I taking another spin on the Teacups!

Knocking on Rabbit's door

This door is perfect for me

Trying on fun hats in the Mad Hatter Shop

Mommy, Daddy, and I riding the caboose on Casey Jr.'s Circus Train. This photo was taken around 11:40pm and we don't look too tired!

Time for another Dumbo flight!

AFter walking through the castle, we knew we had about 10 minutes until the park closed. We started to walk down Main Street and I asked if we could ride the Pirates again. Mommy and Daddy loved it and off we went to ride one more time!

Dancing to the music in New Orlean's Square. There were so few people left in the park that we had the entire boat to ourselves when we rode the Pirates! FUN,FUN,FUN!

Riding in the stroller down Main Street at midnight! Yes we opened the park at 7am today and we closed it at midnight! Mommy loved this because it brought back memories of her doing the same thing! We had another absolutely perfect day! I didn't shed a tear today, give attitude, or complain at all! The park doesn't open until 9am tomorrow so we don't have to get up early! I fell fast asleep before we reached our hotel! This was another magical day at Disneyland!

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Ami said...

I love it!! You ought to have a frequent flyer card at Disneyland!! Looks like such fun! Can't wait to take the Bunchkins there sometime soon! And I totally forgot to write you back about Dr. Maciulla, but that was a great story! Thanks for sharing it! I will definitely send him a pic! (Though he obviously forgot that I DID send him 2 christmas cards with photos!) Oh well! Hope you continue to do well!! :)